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New Orleans Campaign

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The New Orleans Campaign has had the following missions:

The Missing
Run by Stuart (2060/2061 ?)
Welcome To California
Run by Stuart (21st April 2062)
Darkness And Shadow
Run by Stuart (4th June 2062)
Spectre Of The Past
Run by Stuart (26th July 2062)
Vision Of The Future
Run by Stuart (Continued from 28th July 2062)
Red Sun Rising
Run by Stuart (1st September 2062)
Extreme Ways
Run by Stuart (2nd April 2063)
Future Imperfect
Run by Stuart (28th August 2063)

Characters from this campaign

Other Notes

  • I remember a run involving some illegal BTL chips.. something called Deathwish by Ziggy?
  • A run where everyone got kidnapped by Megan Cross and cattle-prodded.
  • A run against a new triad?? gang moving in, they discredited our Fixer Silver and even though we cleared her name, she ended up moving town to work elsewhere.
  • A run where Myst and Solitaire went to San Francisco ??? 'cause Myst's sister was missing, turned out she was preggers and eloping
  • Perhaps Stuart would like to replace this with his list of runs from here ?