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June 2062

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In to the Shadows June 2062

By Hound

Velox Victory!

Early this month just a few million km from earth the high tech Ares probe Velox II made visual contact with the lump of rock that ever one in the fifth world has learned to love, of course Halley’s Comet. After a year of news and drama Area Macrotechnology has won the coveted probe race. Despite the earlier loss of its twin mission Velox 1 to telemetry errors, Velox II made the legendary rendezvous without a hitch. Billions of people watch the live trid cast of the event from all over the globe, in what has been hailed as one of the most ambitious space projects of the 21st century. Scientists are as we speak busy analysing the data from Velox II which will ride on a parallel course with the comet for the next two weeks. During this time it will use an array of sensors to probe into the depths of the comet and hopefully give some idea as to why or if the comet had any link to the resent SURGE on Earth. The Aztechnology, Federated Boeing and Shabita joint project Kepler should make contact with the comment earily next month, but who really cares? They lost the race!

The Missing

In the sprawl people seem to go missing all of the time, either through there own choice or not as the case may be, or through a serious case of lead poisoning. This time though it’s the children. Over the past 2 months in Seattle there have been 5 new cases of missing children. Although you might expect something like this to happen in the Barrens all of the missing children are between the ages of 5-6 and come from middle or high class families. FBI Special Agent Kyle Paroga who is heading the investigation has said that at the current time the agency is pursuing leads but at this time has no evidence that the children where kidnapped. Translation: They haven’t got a clue. This doesn’t seem limited to just [[Seattle). In fact in a variety of North American cities it seems that al east 15 children all in the same 5-6 year old category have disappeared in similar circumstances. The work on the streets is that some gang is responsible for this who has been nicknamed the Gobblers, although who they are and what their motives are remains a mystery.

Terror in the City

On the evening of the 28th of June 2064 a group of well armed terrorists stormed the Seattle Convention Centre where Saeder Krupp was hosting a charity gala for their Helping Hand Project which was founded to help orphaned and deprived children in the Sprawl. A large number of Saeder Krupp officials and celebrities including Jan Stritzel the formula 1 driver and his supermodel wife Jasmine Elanda where present, giving their support to the gala. The resulting fire fight left 4 Saeder Krupp Security personnel and 3 civilians dead, as well as 3 times that in injuries. Officials from Saeder Krupp praised the dedication of their security forces and claimed that the death toll would have been much higher if it wasn’t for the quick actions of on site security forces who headed off the brunt of the attack. This is the 8th terrorist attack on Saeder Krupp in the last three months, but the first to occur in North America. The other terrost attacks have all been directed at facilities in Africa and the Middle East. FBI anti terrorism agent Frank Diago indicated that the terrorist group may be commercially orientated and involved in specifically targeting Saeder Krupp. As for the identity of the group, no official comment has been made, but in security circles the name GLA or Global Liberation Army and their leader Jarmen Kell seems to be floating to the top of the pile.

And Finally… Come back of the Year!

Well, unless you’ve been asleep you’d know that the F1 Grad Prix came to Seattle this month in a wave of publicity. Tickets for the 3rd from last race of the season were fetching over 1000 Nuyen in the streets, but nobody would have predicted the outcome. Klaus Fedder, a 10-1 outsider and a man who has been termed a falling star or former legend, sped to victory from an unassuming 15th on the grid in a new course record. Klaus who had only accumulated 10 points so far this year in the driver’s championships had been rumoured to have a drinking problem and severe technical difficulties with his Seader Krupp car, but none of this seemed to affect him in his first victory this season. Fellow team mate Jan Stritzel who is second in the drivers championship managed to score a 3rd place. Rival John Mc Teirnan of the Ares Macrotecnhology team game in second, widening the gap between them to 4 points. For Jan Stritzel to be assured of winning the driver’s championship he must come first in the next two races. It seems that Jan has a lot on his mind tough. In an exclusive interview with Channel 47 News sports correspondent Lizzy Mc Knight, Jan Stritzel revealed that he and his supermodel wife Jasmine Elanda planned to divorce. As for the reason, Stritzel was quoted as saying “We have just drifted apart and our careers have taken us in different directions. We have a great friendship that we’d like to keep but we haven’t been in love for a long time”. Well guys it looks like another supermodel’s back on the market, there’s hope for us all!

Until next month, this is the Hound keeping his nose to the ground, signing off.