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July 2062

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In to the Shadows for July 2062

By Hound

Gun Crime on the Increase!

We've all become a big jaded about violent crime, the stats seem to be constantly spiraling out of control. But this month we have a some weird ones.

  • This month someone broke into a museum and stole a case full antique guns, with an estimated value of 4 million nuyen. So keep your eyes open for expensive drive by shootings.
  • Another weird crime this month, someone gunned down a cop with a troll slugslinger, then promptly dropped the rare weapon and ran away.

See No Evil

At least that's one less slugslinger on the streets, but it isn't making them any safer as there seems to be a serial killer on the loose. Lone Star fished out 10 bodies from the docks, all killed the same way - though they aren't giving any details. This intrepid reported can however tell you that each victim had their eyes ripped out. My advice to fishermen in the Puget Sound, take that 2 week paid vacation!

  >>>>>[ The cops aren't saying much, but I have been able to find out none
   of the victims were fishermen.. Anyone missing any friends? As I hear each
   and every victim was a Shadowrunner ]<<<<<
  - Captain Chaos - Chaos reigns within/Reflect, repent, reboot


This month saw the unfortunate loss of Paul De Vere, who leaves behind an 18 year old daughter. The circumstances surrounding the death of this benevolent philanthropist are tragic. It apears that a gang of fine art thieves attacked his home late one night, stealing many valuable pieces and destroying many others. Not only is this a loss to Seattle high society, but to the art world. With typical Lone Star efficiency, arrests are still to be made, so keep your eyes open for a gang of thugs wearing Tres Chic.

Until next month, this is the Hound keeping his nose to the ground, signing off.