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April 2062

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In The Shadows April 2062

Local News: Seattle, UCAS

Shedim Situation under Control?

In a recent news conference Seattle Governor Lindstrom stated that the situations with our new found body possessing zombie buddies the Shedim is officially "Under Control". With Wards and protections set up around cemeteries and mausoleums in Seattle, and a new anti-Shedim taskforce set up by Lone Star's Department Of Paranormal Investigations (DPI) headed by Captain Jack Jankowski who went on record to say "Apart from a few isolated incidents the Shedim threat has been dealt with".

So what’s the real story, well it seems that the Shedim have been evicted from downtown and the more affluent neighborhoods and have decided to set up shop in the Barrens of Redmond and Puyallup where the DPI fear to tread. Word on the streets is that a running battle is now being fought between gangs and residents of the barrens and bands of roaming Shedim. The numbers of Shedim is the barrens has been growing, and more low powered spirits are being spotted, lending credence to the rumors that they are either breeding or being summoned. What ever the situation taking a walk in the barrens is even more dangerous now than ever.

Electoral Campaign Gets Ugly

So who would have thought the former Governor Marilyn Schultz would have made it out of the arcology? Well she did and now she wants her job back, but rather than just keeping her seat warm her ex deputy and now Governor Ivar J Lindstrom is determined to fight to keep hold of his seat. Former Governor Schultz's legal team tried to get her position reinstated by Supreme High Court. Justice Williams has ruled that the only way to deal with the situation is to allow former Governor Schultz to enter into this year's Governor Elections.

Lindstrom must have been jumping for joy at this as up until now it’s been pretty much a only horse race as Lindstrom gained a lot of support for his handling of the Renraku Arcology Shutdown, but now with Schultz back his voting base is evenly split between the two, which also brings the other candidates into range of an actual win.

One of Schultz's strongest and more popular electoral promises is to "Ensure that a crisis such as the Arcology Shutdown never happens again" and she intends to do this by working with the Corporate Court to monitor Mega Corp's in Seattle more closely, something the most of Mega Corp's will let happen over their dead share holders bodies, except Ares Macrotechnology which has decided to jump on her band wagon, boosting Ares reputation as a trouble shooting Mega Corp after its assistance to the UCAS government in the Arcology Shutdown and in Chicago.

The World in Brief

  • The New Islamic Jihad declared by the United Islamic Nations risen from the dead leader Iben Essa is gaining momentum. Several terrorist attacks on Israeli and Lebanon forces have occurred in the last month and they seem to be gaining in frequency. Pope John Paul V who was instrumental in the formation of the last middle east treaty has attempted to reopen peace talks with Iben Essa but all diplomatic efforts have been rebuffed and foreign diplomats expelled from the United Islamic Nations.
  • The corporate courts has still yet to reach a decision regarding the ownership of Dunkelzahns new island that appeared in the pacific. Wuxing Inc forces are currently occupying the island but a Federated Bowing (the official owners) and Debeers Omnitech (their mining partners and long time associated of Aztechnology) have been engaged in efforts to secure the withdrawal of the Wuxing Inc forces through the corporate court, or by force if necessary…
  • The new wave of attacks against Saeder Krupp facilities across Europe now seems to be going global. Although no group has claimed responsibility it would seem that someone wants to damage Saeder Krupps assets. No particular pattern other than doing Saeder Krupp as much damage as possible has been observed which leads to speculation that a fundamentalist group and not a rival corporation is responsible. So far Lofwyr has made no comment.
  • In the Pacific theres is an ongoing battle between Federated Boeing and Wuxing Inc / De Beers Omnitech for "Unnamed Island". The battle has been raging since the beginning of the month now, with many casualties on both sides. It is believed that Wuxing Inc have been taking the suspected Orichalcum in it away by Submarine - but thats just rumour. Obviously worried it seems Wuxing Inc has increased their Security in the Seattle offices and their ongoing renovations have been put on hold.
  • Über Braun has finalised plans to open a West Coast office in Seattle for their business. They have opened their first fast food [ Tasty Burger ] outlet on the south edge of Down Town, to a big PR exercise, with Tri D soap stars.. Rumours are ongoing that Über Braun executives have been seen in meetings with the Salish-Shide (sp?) Council. Are we to be expecting Tasty Burgers there soon?