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Maclaine, T

  • Heavily cybered Elf with a reputation for trouble
  • Usually works with an implacable Japanese physical adept called Myst
  • Lives in New Orleans with a cat called Clip, drives a black Suzuki Aurora


Maclaine was a soldier for a third tier Mega Corp, Samurai Tech. The head of his departmnet, H.Nakamura (suicide) made a deal with a rogue G-man. The agent (J.Lennox - MIA) ran out on the deal, and Samurai Tech was taken apart by the FBI and MCT. On that day Maclaine was inside the Tech tower, and managed to leave the building through a mixture of luck, bravado, and possibly outside influence. Former team members include T.Baxter (total cyberware extraction), Jack Kula (imprisoned), Charlie 'Barrett' (MIA).

Maclaine bought passage across the border and found work in New Orleans as a shadowrunner.

For deep philosophical insights, see his account of a New Orleans run

Career Highlights

  • Together with two other team members, wiped out a Yakuza snatch-squad while holding the Oyabun's daughter hostage, and lived to tell the tale.

  • Once abandoned the team and sometime girlfriend to run off with a contact, unaware that she had set them up to be blown sky-high.
  • Had to explain a lot afterwards.

  • Pissed off entire New Orleans mob by inadvertantly whacking some made guy (all his body guards, and a Yuchatan rebel delegation) while doing some contract work.
  • Had to leave town for a while.
  • Found out one of the Team was putting a contract out on him, and killed him.
  • Wears a Bushido honour scar resulting from above incident, given to him by Kendo.

  • Walked into a bank once, unaware that it was being taken down by another crew.
  • Together with Myst proceeded to take out five gunmonkeys with automatic weapons, and a sentry turret parked outside.

  • Pissed off the entire Russian army during an ill-advised attempt to extract an asset from Siberia.
  • Ended up on a C-130 transport, trying to take off while being chased down the runway by a T-80 tank.

  • Recently pursued by X-applied into Injun country.
  • Together with Myst, took out two consecutive X-applied strike teams, plus their magical and drone support.

  • Developed a new assult tactic: throwing flash-bang grenades into a room, following them in, and engaging the enemy while they are going off.

Known Associates

  • 'Stripe.' Fond of setting explosives (see above). Ares operative.
  • Vinny 'The Vineerer' Vincini. Wiseguy gone legit. Owns Round 15. Rumoured to have links to Ginelli syndicate.
  • Bethany. Sometime partner. Killed during a run.
  • Mike Morleine. Private eye. Ex-Lone Star.
  • Myst. Japanese Phys-ad and samurai; twin sister of current boss of the Kawakita Gumi.
  • Erin. Magically skilled PA.
  • Speedy. A competent rigger and fellow Pixie. Suffers from what Maclaine calls lack of imagination, though she likes to refer to it as 'common sense.'

Current Status

  • Retired from Shadowrunning, Tom Maclaine still finds it strange to be walking around unarmed. At 8.00am he takes his kids (Dawn and Edward Hampton-Maclaine) on the daily school run, and then drives his SUV south to Grand Isle. Passing through several security gates, he assumes his post as Director of UOD (Urban Ops Division - New Orleans), for the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • At 5pm he leaves the building and drives home to the suburbs of New Orleans, picks the kids up from school and tries his hand at cooking dinner for his wife Anna, aka. Stripe.
  • There is a chopped-down, smart-linked HK-227 (with a 20 round clip of highly illeagal ammunition) hidden under the passanger seat of the car. You just never know...

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