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Street name:- Amazon Name:- Tracy Scully


Born in England, grew up on the streets after parents killed in supermarket massacre, but at an early age realised she was different from most girls of her age she not only had she a perfect figure and a rapidly developing body but she had an aptitude for driving all sorts of vehicles and was good at electronics. These interests were however expensive and she found the only way to supplement them was to use her other asset, she became a high class prostitute servicing corporate and high up officials she also learnt to dance and became a stripper and erotic dancer to supplement her earnings. One evening she was entertain a client and things got out of hand in trying to defend herself she killed him knowing that the police would never believe her she fled the country to arrive in New Orleans in America were she met Jimmy a fixer who help her to find her feet and set her on her way as a runner.

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