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Player Character
Played by: Al
AKA: Death From Above
Metatype: Shapeshifter Eagle
Gender: Male
Status: Active
Affiliation(s): Unknown
Archetype: Aspected Mage
First seen in: The Missing
Last seen in: Full Circle

JC - The occasionally flying, often shape-shifting, dive-bombing, aspected-mage, nigh-indestructable awakened eagle. originally in the New Orleans Campaign, but has now relocated to Seattle and appears in the Seattle Campaign.

When in human form JC doesn't stand out from the crowd. He's a white male, in his mid-40s, and a little portly. His usual attire is one of his sets of ordinary clothes covered by a long coat. Armour is not his highest priority.

He likes to think of himself in a backup role to the other guys but, as he learns more skills, he seems to be pushed towards more Front Line work.

He currently resides in the top story of a derelict residential tower block, next door to Pathfinder. This is in the Knights Of Tarislar's gang territory, which is in Tarislar, in the south of the Puyallup district. He has recently met Jade Eagle and her crew, and has started taking more of an active interest in the work they do.


  • Offensive spell-casting, with some illusion spells.
  • Spell-casting when flying (or dive-bombing).
  • Following people at a discreet distance (most of that in height)
  • Being a bit flighty.

Notable things, and highlights:

  • Always having a spare set of clothes stashed where ever he can (his bike, other people's cars, trees, ledges, etc)
  • Owns half of TFI Petes bar in New Orleans
  • Shot Chef dead after The Group found out he had given us a job knowing that it would be a Double Cross.
  • Attempting to rescue The Mole in a switch which went bad. The Bad People blew up the car The Mole was in, JC started to pull him out, only to be shot repeatedly with shots that would have killed any normal human. He regenerated it, but it allowed The Mole to escape.