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September 2062

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In The Shadows September 2062

Well chummers I've only got one story for you this month, but it’s a fragger! You see I've been kinda busy on a run (yep I still run, I don't spend my entire life writing this!). The run was to infiltrate the wonderful organisation called the Friends of Humanity (FoH). Personally I prefer Fiends of Humanity. This bunch of red necks were no more that a front for the humanis policlub, but with a nice friendly image. If you remember last month I did a piece on their new clinics, wonderful health care as long as you are a norm.

Well anyway, I and my partner decide to infiltrate the organisation. We steel the ID of off a dead red neck with time for violence against metahumans and go along to a few of the meets. After drinking a few beers and slagging off metahumanity we're in with the crowd and accepted as part of the tribe. My partner however didn't make the grade (intentionally) and stayed a FoH Seattle to watch over them.

Next week the FoH hold a big rally headed by their leader of the Seattle Chapter Michael Kent. He lays out the deal. The FoH are recruiting people to go and fight the good fight against the metahuman "terrorists" in San Francisco, California Free State. It seems that Protectorate General Jeiji Saito is recruiting for his San Francisco "Peace Keeping" force. In reality he wanted some fresh faced thugs to bolster his ranks and to help oppress the California locals!

Due to my fake I.D.s ex UCAS army background I pass the interview with flying colours and headed off to CFS. On arrival we each get a nice apartment in downtown San Francisco. All the new recruits are housed in the same blocks. After a few days of the good life, we get taken down for some basic training i.e. they let us play with guns and batons! The training steps up over the next few days, and they decide to make me a Sergeant of a squad. After this induction we are treated to a visit from the brass. A Colonel Fukumoto drops by to give us the "We're here to protect the CFS from the eeevvviiilll metahuman terrorists", and the crowd buys it big time, but then the drek hits the fan!

It seems the real owner of my ID had decided to enlist as didn't take them long to track me down and well lets just say they have a way of treating uninvited guests. After a few days of heavy interrogation, I think the whole world is about to end when a Shadowrunning team turn up and the military prison and break me out. It seems that this team where hired too find me but had also managed to find a contact within Saitos military, none other than Colonel Fukumotos right hand Major (who it seems turns out to be a deep cover op). Anyway she spills the real beans one the situation.

Colonel Fukumoto, ex governor of the metahuman holiday resort of Yoshi Island, had been exporting the worst "Terrorists" to Alcatraz Island where he had begun to remove them from the picture by the careful application of mass nerve gassing! Using stolen military nerve agents he was systematically murdering metahumans who were members of the Metahumans Peoples Army and their contacts and supporters. His death squads would round them up then have them shipped to Alcatraz for processing.

So this is the point where people say, whereas the proof. Well thanks to Ares Fire Team Special Forces unit, we managed to insert into Alcatraz Island and gather evidence of this mass murder, and also a bonus, we managed to bag Colonel Fukumoto too. Before he knew what hit him he was bound gagged and on his way to Ares HQ Detroit.

Ares turned over the evidence to the UN war crimes convention, but held onto Fukumoto for security reasons, but this is the real mystery, nothing has happened! It seems that for some reason both the UCAS and Japanese government instead of using this as a rallying point to go to war with Saito have instead taken a very low key approach. 2 weeks after his arrest the Japanese Imperial Fleet with the backing of a UN mandate set up a blockade of CFS, but on the issue of direct military action Japan has declared this to be a strictly internal affair and demands that other governments not become involved, and UCAS seems happy with this. This is the same UCAS who would love to score points with the CFS and bring them back into the UCAS family of states. Some political manoeuvring is going on here, but what it is who knows...