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  • Female, Irish Elf, Blond, Early twenties see above
  • Rigger, mainly vehicles with a limited number of Drones.
  • As well as a VCR, she has , Skill Wires and related headwear, Muscle Toneing(Biowear)Dietwear (BioWear) and tailord pheremones.


Born in to the discrete put powerful O’Neill family in Tir Na Nog, the young Assumpta O’Neill was expect to take up the life studying magic and advancing her families social and political standing. They were to say the least a little worried when she started hanging out with the "wrong element" And completely surprised when she ran away from home to become a rigger. With the help of her bastard human half brother Marty O'Rafferty she managed to escape her family's clutches and flee to New Orleans. She started a criminal career as a smuggler rather than a runner working for Raoul Ortega Her borderline insane methods of driving earned her her street name. Smuggling was fun but she was not earning enough to feed her need for expensive toys, consumer goods biowear and cyber-tech so when the word went out that a new team of 'runners was forming and they needed a rigger she jumped at the chance. She has a couple of run ins with people sent by her family but so far has avoided there tender mercies.

Career Highlights

  • Stealing the car of the New Orleans Triad boss, only to find he was sitting in the back seat.
  • Capturing (with party help) two Tir Na Nog agents who were spying her and mailing them back to there embassy in a box labled "Faulty Observation Equipment"
  • Being part of the team that went to contact a Mafia Don intending to inform him he was being set up by his rivals. Only to have a party member shoot him the moment we saw him, because said party member had skipped a planning meeting and thought we were on an asassination mission
  • Being turned into a cat to escape capture in California
  • After many years of running finally taking a serious injury while fighting the souless but cool minions of Project Songbird
  • On her final run she piloted a burning blimp loaded with an armed nuclear device out to sea, In the aftermath she ended up selling many of her drones an other equipment to pay for the extreamly expensive therapist bills and removing cyberware fritzed by the EMP. She retired from the biz after the event and has not rigged a vehicle since.

Skill Soft Library

These are Speedy's Skill Softs, mostly from Carringtons collection which Speedy "inherited" after his capture.

Athletics: 5 SMG: 4 V/Weapons: 3 Political figures: 4 Navajo: 3
Stealth: 5 Electronics: 5 S.U. Tactic: 3 Magical figures: 4 German: 4
Biotech: 3 Computer: 4 Bike: 3 Cyberwear: 4 Japanese: 3
Combat- B/R Comp: 4 Rotor Aircraft:3 Pop culture: 5 French(Creol):3
Unarmed: 5 B/R Elect: 4 Riverboat: 2 High Society: 4
Underwater:3 Car: 4 (Unclear label): 4
H/Weapons: 5 Launch Wps: 3 (Unclear label): 5
Pistol: 5 Rifles: 3 (Unclear label): 5

Known Associates

  • Stripe. AKA psycho bitch women. Speedy's sort of nemesis, who she spends far too much time working to help because Maclaine is a sap.
  • Myst. One of the few "survivors" from Speedy's early career and technically one of Speedy's oldest friends, if the silly cow can be prevented from losing her memory, being brainwashed, kiddnapped or mistaken for her twin sister for five minutes.
  • Coffee. Along with Myst, Coffee was part of Speedy' first team, a fact which has left mental scars.
  • Marty O'Rafferty Marty is Speedy's human half brother, he is, as they say a bastard.
  • Maclaine Teammate, gunmonkey and all round mega-trouble magnet. (he's been quiet for too long.......)
  • JC Shapeshifter magic user and inventor of the "Operation Housepet") escape plan. I was a bit upset about the whole Steppin Node FUBAR and that time he shot the guy whose life I was trying to negotiate for in the head. But looking back on it, that was just his way you know? On balance he is still a great guy and good to have on your side.
  • Tofu Great guy with unfortunate physical resemblence to Coffee.
  • Kendo Some people think of Kendo as remorseless killing machine bound only by his alien sense of honour, but I know he's really just a great big pussy cat on the inside.
  • Solitaire willing to help me try and get Myst drunk for a laugh, a great conversationalist once you get past the obvious communication difficulties and very effective at mayhem and slaughter, what can I say? I like her. Though her superior Skill Wires and Skill Soft library fill me with envy.

Current Status

  • Having been pushed to the edge by having to pilot a live nuclear device in a burning blimp, she has retired from shadowrunning and is now working at a nighclub,and running up debts to support her lifestyle she used public transport a lot

Speedy Character sheet 3rd Ed Speedy Character sheet 4th rebuild Speedy Character sheet 4th ed conversion

Played by Joe in the New Orleans Campaign.File:Example.jpg