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Whats Inside Box Number Three

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What’s Inside Box Number Three?

GM: Al
Held at Al's Place on Saturday 17th April 2004

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Cast of Players

Events Log by Techebo

Monday 17th April 2062

  • Security in the office is 12 guards, in 3 shifts of 4 including one Mage. The office is 2 story with wired fences around the office. It has an external Matrix connection. The object is in a secure room on the second floor.
  • Group takes job.
  • Group scouts out office and forms a plan.

Tuesday 17th April 2062

2:30 am, Snohomish, near Shadow Lake.

  • Techebo waits for a security guard to go on patrol outside the grounds. He then sneaks back into the building behind the guard and follows him to the security centre.
  • He waits for a guard to open the door to the security office and moves in killing them both with his katana.
  • He then moves into the next security room and kills a guard and a mage with his katana.
  • He goes upstairs and tries to get to the secure room but it has a mag-lock which none of the guards have the pass keys for.
  • Rest of group comes in and Pathfinder bypasses locks into secure room. Groups picks up box and goes back to car/bikes and heads to White's place. No one can get hold of Mr Sommers.

1 am. Somewhere in Bellevue

  • Pathfinder and Lake go to the bar where Mr Sommers was kidnapped. There is a new Tasty Burger opposite the bar with security camera footage of the kidnapping. No details, except a nondescript black van and an elf in a suit.
  • Techebo and Webb go onto the top of the building to break in and leave the box in car.
  • Tense stand off, group almost kills each other, then decides to work together to break into the apartment. The find Mr Sommers' phone and computer.
  • The phone numbers on Mr Sommers' phone are in a code.

7 pm. Perfect Blossom Nightclub, Renton

8 pm. Somewhere in Renton

  • White picks up the grenade.
  • Webb, in an attempt to remove the cause of the problem shoots the Head. It explodes. Ick.
  • White gets into front seat of car, blocking Webb's line of fire.

This part has been written by your friendly GM:

Approx 9 pm. Somewhere in Renton

  • White awakens to find everyone unconcious, and to find Techebo and bike have gone.
  • She wakes up the others, and finds that Pathfinder is injured. The little finger on his left hand has been removed from the knuckle nearest the tip.
  • The Group drive to Wendy Winters and get Pathfinder healed up.
  • Pathfinder and Lake take what is left of the head to Mr Fowler, who accepts it, but does not pay anything for it. He tells the group that he wanted the head to prove that James Wolf really was dead.
  • Lake asks Mr Fowler if he has a job going.


  • Lake is offered a job by Mr Fowler to head up Über Braun's new West Coast labs because of his experience and contacts he has built up.
  • Mr Sommers is found at approx 10pm that same night wandering Renton. He has no memory of what has happened to him, nor does he even remember hiring the Group.
  • Techebo's whereabouts are unknown.

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