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Name Race Archetype Status Campaigns
J.D Human P.I. Alive Hong Kong
Former street cop in New York had some problems with internal affairs , relocated as a PI in Hong Kong
The Mole Human Infiltrator Alive Seattle
The ex!? Cooperate infiltrator give him a building he will get in
White Human Shaman Alive Seattle
A female Shaman who tries to protect the environment and educated the world about metahumans
Tiny Troll Merc Alive Seattle
An ex special forces trooper gone mercenary after surging has some bad memories
Amazon Human Rigger Alive  New Orleans
Former stripper/dancer who ran away after killing a climate, became a rigger after finding another think she was good at. Uses her old skills to enhance her new
Nitojo Human Street Mage Alive Chicago
Coyote shaman was changed into squirrel when he learnt too much, was released by Harlequin? Now in Chicago working as talismonger still like the odd bit of action
Wolf Human Street Sam

Bugger knows what happened to him
Cobbler Human Street Sam/Decker Cross breed

Bit crap played him twice

GM'd Games: Chris has run the following Shadow Run games:

Name Real Date Game Date Outcome Location(s)

Enter the Jungle Seattle

Has another couple of runs planned for the crew for some point in the near future, he hopes.

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