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Corin [Defragging - 23% complete. Press any button to cancel.]


SR4 Characters:

Dice - Spirit arse-kicking Adept (my first female character).

SR3 Character Tree:

Lake - An easy-going research mage working on conjuring the 'perfect' water elemental.
Gard - Basically 'Backup v2.2'. Stronger, faster, and 90% less likely to say "she's still warm".
Drift - Sharpshooting Elven Sorceror Adept. "Let the brain take the strain".

'Classic' Characters:

Backup - The original and best Charismatic Troll with a big gun [^^].
Kai - Shapeshifting Tiger Physical Adept. "Evisceration with a smile".

Corin's slightly-warped Seattle Contact list:

Ashley Body [Human Undertaker BR7].
Cher Options [Human Stockbroker].
Cindy Post [Dwarf Corporate Secretary BR5].
Donna Breastplate [Troll Armourer BR6].
Gemma Power [Dwarf Talismonger BR5].
Joan Le Patent [Human Megacorporation Magical R&D BR6].
Julie Noted [Ork Corporate Lawyer BR7].
Lisa House [Ork Estate Agent BR7].
Mandy Cannon [Human Gunsmith BR8].
Paige Mc Ontact [Human Fixer BR5].
Rosa Books [Human Hermetic Librarian BR4].
Sonya Tab [Ork Fence BR6].
Tracey Origin [Human Information Merchant BR8].
Wanda Praisal [Elf Magic School Headmistress BR6/9].
Wendy Belle-Tolls [Human Streetdoc BR7].

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