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Lake wiki.jpg Background: An easy-going, yet somewhat eclectic Water Mage, Lake is intrigued by the fluidic nature of Water Elementals and constantly works towards an improved understanding of these capricious spirits. Previously working for Aztechnology Magical R&D, Lake used his contacts to obtain unusual (and unauthorised) materials for his research, but his funding soon dried up when he was fired for abuse of company resources. Further problems arose when the surge altered his body while he was in the process of summoning a water elemental, irrevocably shifting his presence towards the Astral plane and his magical abilities towards water manipulation. To aid in his research, Lake is currently working for Mr Fowler as a Magical R&D consultant in the Seattle branch of Über Braun.
Skills / Specialities:
• Water Elementals and illusion magic
• Magical augmentations
• Astral combat
• Corporate operations and research
• Languages
Edges / Flaws: Lake is dual-natured and has an aptitude for conjouring, an affinity for water spirits, focussed concentration, and is difficult to track astrally, but he can't take cyberware and is a terrible driver...
Character Notes: Lake often undertakes rigorous training to increase his willpower and concentration by standing under waterfalls in Japan. Don't be fooled though, he mainly does it so that he can also eat lots of sushi, drink Kirin beer, and take the 'girls' out for trips to famous Onsen.
Faia wiki.jpg Faia (Ally Spirit): Lake originally summoned an Ally Spirit expecting some kind of water-based spiritform, but instead got 'Faia', a condensed version of the fire-related aspects of his personality, complete with a competitive temperament and overtly innocent propensity for blowing things up. Faia is independent and inquisitive, and her constant drive to impress Lake and better herself encourages him to help her learn the destructive spells that she relishes using in combat. Sharing Lake’s curiosity for magical research, Faia often works with (or against) him in the lab, fuelling their ongoing rivalry as they vie to outdo each other with ever-greater discoveries. Wanting all of Lake's attention for herself, Faia can become extremely jealous and confrontational around other attractive females, especially Lake's Water Elemental, Shiva (see below), who is the only person she feels inferior to and thus hates with a passion. Enjoying her new life on the physical plane, she has a tendency to get extremely drunk, semi-naked, and overly-sociable with Lake in an attempt to embarrass him.
Skills / Specialities:
• Combat magic
• Grenade launchers
• Drinking beer
• Embarrasing Lake
Known Associates:
Characters - Pathfinder, JC
Personal Contacts - Gemma Power, Rosa Books, and Joan Le Patent.
Other Contacts - Mr Fowler, Lady Charlotte/Blue?, Wraith's Initiate Group (name please?).
Career Highlights:
• Got a day job working for Mr Fowler doing Magical R&D in the Seattle branch of Über Braun after Whats Inside Box Number Three.
• Formulated a successful infiltration plan that involved no danger to himself, but took full advantage of The Mole's 'skills' (ie: his stealth cloak) in The Price Of Liberty.
• Surprised a bunch of terrorists by drowning them in the middle of a gunfight during More Fast More Furious.
Appeared in:
Whats Inside Box Number Three
The Price Of Liberty
More Fast More Furious
Bad Moon Rising
Vehement Revelations

Volvic wiki.jpg Nymph wiki.jpg Shiva wiki.jpg
Lake's Water Elementals: Lake’s first Water Elemental was conjured for some playful fun in his bathtub [^^]. Since then he has become somewhat attached to his elemental ‘Nymphs’ and his summoning technique has been honed towards progressively more detailed female forms. His standard elementals range from Volvic, a simple sprite used for running errands, up to his most advanced and powerful elemental, Shiva. To improve their abilities, Lake will often augment his elementals with sustained spells before combat and he continually tries to keep them around long enough to teach them something new.

Flicker wiki.jpg
Faia's Fire Elementals: Lake’s summoned a couple for Faia to use and to help with learning combat spells for her.

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