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Dominic Webb

Webb is an old style Samurai. Some say he is prone to extreme actions. Not fond of mages (or tech-ninjas).


  • Ex-CAS military (Honourably Discharged 2047).
  • Did 4 years in San Quentin Maximum Security Penitentiary for armed robbery.
  • Paroled 2055 for good behaviour, no convitions since.



Karma Pool Good Karma Total Awarded Team Karma Bad (Burnt) Karma
10.6 14.2 106 2 -


Career Highlights

  • Together with Path Finder led his old team against a large scale Zombie infestation, and held off the Shedim until cavalry arrived.

Current Status

Retired from the streets, now working black bag ops for an unnamed government agency under a new identity. Out there somewhere, plying his old trade.

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