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Paul has played the following characters:

Sparky Human Sorcery adept Retired
* Pathfinder Human Moon Shaman ALIVE
* Rez Human Cheetah Adept SR4
Stix Human Kick Arse Clubbin
* Rez 2.0 Human SR4

Known as Foz on the Wiki. You'd best ask him why that is.

Recommends (for the undiscerning SR player):
Comics: The Couriers - AIT/Planetlar, Grimjack - IDW/First, Gun-Fu
Books: Anything by Greg Rucka (Keeper, Finder, Smoker & Critical Space),
Movies: Buffalo Soldiers (smart guy fucks losers), Layer Cake (smart guy is fucked by losers)
Music: Busted - of course ;>
Anime: Spriggan, GitS

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