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Uni Seattle Campaign

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The Uni Seattle Campaign has had the following missions:

A Thaumatic Experience
Run by Stuart
Mission where Jinx fled from FBI and joined party, and fell into the middle of an insect spirit attack
Run by Stuart
Thayla's Voice (or is this Harlequin's Back?)
Run by Stuart
Various missions involving Pai
Run by Stuart

Does anyone remember any details from the old old old campaign?

  • Spog the troll getting arrested.
  • Whisper getting shot in the head.
  • Jinx's force 13 firestrikes.
  • Kerguelen and his cheerful cannibalism.
  • Zeus and his fabulous explode-when-flamed-by-a-dragon trick.
  • Merlin and his dubious fascination with cats.
  • Odioso? Or whatever the ancient evil thing was called.
  • Run where the whole team was in cold storage and rescued by Richard's character - a rubbish and little used one.
  • Run where Cat 'goblinised' into Elf????

(Was i still playing Spog at this point? I remember I was guarding the unconscious Black Cat - and someone came in and traded me Cat for a card. I also remember it was a good deal, as had I tried to renegotiate it I might not have survived - Stephen)

  • Run where people were getting cut up and we had to find out why. Is this the sewer evil bad guy that we went to Scotland to defeat?
  • Run where Cat was rescued from Tir Tairngire.

(Why did you think he was a mage? I perceived him, and he was mundane, so must have been a mage)