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Wendy Winters

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Wendy Winters
Non Player Character
AKA: Hermione
Anna Daniels
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Status: RIP
Affiliation: Aphrodite Clinic
Archetype: Street Doc
Created by: Stuart ??
First seen in: Surging In Seattle
Last seen in: Chasing Shadows ??

Contact Achetype: Street Doc
Human, Female, Mundane.
Current Location: Seattle, UCAS


Street Doc who's practice was burned down during the surge riots. Shadowruns occationally under the streetname Hermione. Former girlfriend of The Mole until the events of Surging In Seattle. Now involved with the Shadowrunner Webb. Moved into a Street Clinic in August 2062 under the front of a private beauty clinic called the Aphrodite Clinic. Became involved breifly with Shade for a one night stand. Recently dispeared from the house of Jack Newman a Sottocapo for the Bigio Family. Jack Newman was found in the house with a knife in his chest (Chasing Shadows).


(GM Note> Yeah this isn't unbiased at all is it :) /jack

Written up by ( Stephen)

A conniving and scheming bitch who was adept at following power and money for her own selfish ends. First entered the game as The Mole's girlfriend, using him to make contacts and once she was introduced to the team it didn't take her long to dump him and start dating Dominic Webb with whom it appeared she would have more success. Webb assisted Wendy with disentangling herself from the Yakuza who demanded protection money from her street clinic. But unfortunately for Wendy, Webb dissapeared on a run for a significant length of time and she was back to scrambling for a man to cling to and take advantage of. Her first port of call was Shade, getting the poor alcoholic drunk before emotionally blackmailing then seducing him. As a good friend to Webb he felt awful about it the next day and refused to have anything more to do with Wendy in that way - which left her feeling resentful and yet still desperate to find someone to manipulate to her own ends. In an attempt to get her clinic working again, she sought backing from the Mafia, and ended up overreaching as she soon found herself in an affair with Jack Newman. In a way it was inevitable, when one goes through life seeking people to take advantage of, you'll eventually come across someone who doesn't take that kind of shit, and doesn't let you get away with it. Jack Newman was too important and high profile to let himself be controlled by a woman, and nor would he allow Wendy to dump him, perhaps his own mistake, giving her no other option but to premeditatedly pull a knife, attack, and murder him. Wendy was too smart to kill him and panic, she had this well planned. She immediately called the man who spurned her, Shade, and pleaded for help. The kind hearted and foolish man raced to help her, and found himself set up as a patsy for the murder of the mafia man - and as Shade had connections with the Yakuza this created a tense situation between both organisations that began slipping closer and closer towards all out war. Shade went to his Yakuza contacts and explained how it was not him - but they turned their back on him, saying they could have no contact with him until the true culprit was handed over to the mafia. Wendy, on the run, went to The Mole for help - and he arranged a safehouse for her. The Mole however couldn't hide this from the team, and explained what he had done. By the time the party went to visit Wendy she had already fled, but not before sending the mafia a message that incriminated Shade - she was doing a very good job of setting him up, and the idea of the mafia out to get a team member outraged one and all and spurred their desires to track her down and have the truth revealed. It took the team a long time, but after several weeks they finally had a lead on Wendy's location and tracker her down. Shade thought to confront her and demand the truth from her, but didn't account for her excellent manipulative skills - and she was doing a good job of trying to talk her way out of everything, until a mafia hired investigator arrived on the scene and started getting involved. The rest of the team turned up and a large argument/debate started. Pins finally despaired of the truth ever been known - and asked the mage that had been with the team for a run if he could get the truth. He did indeed have mind probe - and delved into Wendy's mind to get the truth - and discovered that she had lied to Shade about the way the 'murder' happened. This put everything into perspective, no longer could Shade pretend that a heat of the moment accident had descended into chaos - it was all premeditated - and allowed him with clean conscience to hand her over to the Yakuza so they could present the mafia with the evidence of what had really happened. However, still the team could not leave it there - they petitioned a Wanatabee exec who had Yakuza contacts if Wendy could be kept alive, if only for the sake of the child she was carrying. However the Yakuza had no interest in keeping her alive, and the Mafia seemed intent on killing her - and they did so. And thus came about her deserved demise.

>>>>>[[Taking into account all the untouchable corporate scum the team meet and fail to deal with, quite why Shade and Pins went to town on a pregnant woman is never explained. Neither is the question, wether the mindprobe revealed if she had indeed set Shade up. As for killing mob guys, women are supposed to take crap from them, whereas shadowrunners don't have to. Obviously.}}<<<<<

>>>>>[[I don't see that Shade or Pins went to town on a woman who they only found out at the last moment was pregnant. The information that is recalled here about the mind probe is, as far as I am aware, everything that we know, unless you/Webb is aware of something the rest of us is not?}}

>>>>>[[Was there more to it than this? Yup. But did any of this seem implausible or unlikely to the players involved? Nope. She'd pretty much been played as Steve described to the players faces... The Shade incriminating emails to webb only help further that opinion that she was a user.}}<<<<<

>>>>>[[True, but isnt this whole thing about wether or not she set up Shade? Because if it is: she was spooked by the maid, ran away, and was immediately shopped into the mob by Shade. She then did the same back to him. The fact she did not conform to 'expected' female stereotypes (but actually gave as good as she got) should not make her subject to a witch-hunt}}<<<<<

>>>>>[[Maybe I should point out that the write up I added was my OOC interpretation of the character that the GM created and roleplayed - and not the considered opinion of any of my characters. From an OOC perspective I see it very difficult to judge someone who jumps from person to person interested only in what they can do for her as anything other than scheming and manipulative. The idea that Wendy was in love with Webb, Shade, or Jack Newman seems totally inplausible given her behaviour. I think the way that the GM created and handled the character was excellent and inspired. She is one of the best NP Cs to ever cross our path - far more realistic than many of the 2-dimensional characters we usually meet (no slight to any GM - they can't be expected to fully flesh out every NPC) - however she did totally screw the party, and her page needs to relfect that. It would almost be an insult to her memory to suggest she was simply an unfortunate victim.}}<<<<<