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Bad Moon Rising

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Bad Moon Rising

GM: Paul
Held at Stephen's on 24th July 2004

Back to Seattle Campaign

Suggested Voice Cast of Characters

  • Pins [ Stephen ] - Tim Roth (in Made in Britain)
  • Wraith [ Richard ] - Christina Ricci (in The Addams Family)
  • The Mole [ Chris ] - Kermit Miller (obscure anime related ref)
  • Control [ Stuart ] - Vincent Cassel (in Crimson Rivers)
  • Lake [ Corin ] - Bruce Campbell - "come get some", "groovy", "this is my BOOM-stick"

Suggested Voice Cast of Secondary P Characters

Suggested Voice Cast of NP Characters

Suggested Soundtrack

i.e. Scene - song (artist) Scenes in no particular order

  • The Team Assembles - Tank (The Seatbelts)
  • Entering the Club - Waterloo (ABBA)
  • Getting the job - Sympathy for the devil (The Rolling Stones)
  • Reflecting on the situation - Killing Moon (Echo & the bunnymen)
  • Getting the first weapon: Museum - Absurd (Fluke)
  • Getting the first weapon: De Vere Mansion - Gods of war (Def Leppard)
  • Searching for second weapon: In the air tonight (Phil Collins)
  • Gearing up for the job - Epic (faith no more)
  • Always outnumbered, Never outgunned - All sussed out (the almighty)
  • It's where? - Come with me (Puff daddy & Jimmy Page)
  • Chasing Misty/Fronting Wildebeest - Selling Jesus (Skunk Anansie)
  • Breaking into the barracks - Song 2 (Blur)
  • Dangerous Goods - Lorca's Novena (The Pogues)
  • Seconds to spare - Ready to go (Republica)
  • Returning the gun - Lose yourself (Eminem)
  • Endgame - Bring me to life (Evanescence)

Prologue by Paul

Internal Memo Luckman,Landau,Lake & Locke
Date: 13/07/62
From: Mr Landau
To: Gavin Park, Head of corporate affairs,Seattle
Subject: Trouble

Client 13 is concerned that Helsing is lacking only 3 componants to make the 'Devastation Sanctity' work. Please take steps to ensure he cannot obtain the rest.

Date: 13/07/62
From: Gavin Park
To: Mr Landau
Subject: Re:Trouble

Sir, Specialist Gerard is en route from Paris. He has contacted local talent to obtain the items.

Date: 24/07/62
From: Gavin Park
To: Mr Landau
Subject: Re:Trouble

Sir, we have a situation brewing. Mr. Locke reports the local talent failed to obtain the items. Mr. Lake has confirmed that the unidentifiable body found in puget sound 3 days ago is specialist Gerard, yet he appears to have hired another team today. Helsing must have had him killed and replaced. Suggestions?

Date: 24/07/62
From: Mr. Luckman
To: Mr Landau, Gavin Park
Subject: Re:Trouble

Park, Contact Lady Charlotte and her diminutive companion to obtain the weapons. Combat with second team NOT authorised. Let's see how good they are...

After action report by Control

Sunday 24th July

Team assembled by Pins after a call from his contact Dante owner of Dantes Inferno. Pins contacts me through Pathfinder a mutual acquaintance. Following standard operating procedure I arrange a pre mission briefing and negotiation to set out my contract. Pins and a magician called Lake turn up. Negotiation is tough as these shadow operatives don’t feel able to finance a complete damages clause to reimburse damages to any assets, but a small fund is set aside for operational damages/expenses. Initial assessment of team is that while they are disorganised and lack a clear structure they do work well as a group. Mission Accepted. Mission briefing with Mr Johnson occurs at 2130hours at the Starlight Lounge an Orc and Troll LGB bar. Mr Johnson identified as Philippe Gerard Mission Parameters:

  • Obtain three weapons or more of each if possible
  • Gun 1: 1942 Mauser in the Seattle Museum for Metahuman and Human History. One is also owned by the collector Paul De Vere.
  • Gun 2: Fuchetti Slug Slinger, unique troll weapon. Only 800 where produced. One was recently used in the shooting of a police officer. Video footage shows a Troll firing the weapon and then dropping it. His accomplice another troll was also carrying once of these weapons.
  • Gun 3: Ares Delta Assault Rifle, limited run prototype, only 12 where produced. This gun was carried by a UCAS Ranger called Lindy Kirkish, who was part of a task force operating in Chicago.

This mission was orriginally given to a team of runners lead by a merc called Jump Start. Their team however took a second run during this mission where they encoutered heavy combat and suffered casualities (including Jump Start's rigger girlfriend). Unable to continue with the mission the Johnson reallocated the mission. Pins approached Jump Start to retrieve any relevant information that he had collected. Although not forthcomming at first, funds allocated to him secured his cooperation.

Monday 9th July

Operational Objective- Retrieve Gun 1 from Muesum.

Operatives Lake and The Mole work to infiltrate the museum. The Mole enters the museum and using his Ruthenium Polymer Cloak hides until it closes. Lake stands overwatch on the outside. The Mole proceeds after closing time to the display case containg the 1st weapon. He retrieves it using electronic overides on the case and aquires the weapon. Outside Lake astrally spots a subject on the roof of the museum covered in an invisibility spell. Lake goes astral and approaches the subject to warn him off. Security cameras detect Lakes astral presence and place the museum on alert. Subject flees the scene and Lake pursues the astral link to the casting magician. The Mole now attempted to escape the museum while alarms are active. He encounters guards and drone which detetect his presence. Fleeing them he chooses the questionable course of action of throwing ball bearings ‘up’ the stairs to stop persuit. He is hit by a glue gun shot from a drone but manages to free himself and then plunges out of a second story window spraining his ankle on landing, but manges to escape. Mission successful. Lake traces the astral link to a van with a dwarf magician and renders him unconcious in astral combat but is force to withdraw when astral security forces from the musuem arrive. This indicates the presence of a second team with similar mission objectives. Mission Sucessful

Operation: Retrieve Weapon 1 from Paul De Vere

Control and a magician called Wraith observe the house of Paul De Vere. Intelligence suggests he is a prominent member of the Mafia. Wraith reports another magician is watching the building. Also present surveilling the scene is another humanoid lifeform outside the perimeter. After contacting the other mission it appears that he intends to conduct hostile operations on the next evening although warns Wraith not to be present. On the next evening the magician using magically animated Statues and elementals assaults Paul De Vere’s mansion. Taking advantage of the situation, once the majority of hostile forces are eliminated by the magician, Control executes operationally objective: Intrusion and Secure. Vechicle C1 supported by drones enters compound via means of explosive grenades to overcome the mansions gate and then under the cover of drones small arms fire, Wraith enters invisibly into the mansion. She encounters the magician who is in proximity to Paul De Vere and is about to use psychosexual coertion techniques (involving a deceased Troll) on Paul De Vere's daughter. Wraith intervenes but although she escapes with the Daughter suffers high percentage casualties amongst her elemental assets. Control then extracts her from the situation. Once combat operations in the area have ended, Wraith covertly re-entered the building and aquired the weapon. The Daughter of Paul De Vere was then delivered covertly to a known Mafia enclave. Mission Successful.

Tuesday 10thy July

Opertaion: Retrieve Weapon 2 from Troll

Using intelligence gathered by Jump Start’s team, our team enters negotiations with the trolls group. They track the gun to a robbery at Misty Knight 's Gunsmith Cats and after she fobs them off unconvincingly, they overhear a phone conversation between Misty and the troll's (Wildebeest) team. Although the situation seemed probably to end in armed conflict (GM note: Because the players wouldn't show a little faith... cynics), Lake and Pins manage to arange the sale of a weapon and Wraith carries out the exchange. And sets up the troll to be captured by the cops. Courtesy of Moi. Mission Successful.

Wendesday 11th July

Operation: Retrive Weapon 3 from UCAS Ranger

The AWOL UCAS Ranger Lindy Kirkish had a lesbian relationship. Surveilance was set up to monitor her partner Liz Tanenbaum who appeared to be pregnant. Control attempted to arrange a meet to purchace the weapon, and although unsuccessful this did cause the partner to call the ranger. Although unable to trace the call, it was possible to follow the partner to the ranger's location. Unfortunately hostile forces possible of Ares Macrotechnology or UCAS Military origin were also following. Using covert means it was possible to locate Lindy Kirkish and extract both her and her partner from the sceene without hostile intervention. This did involve a decoy operation where Wraith under the deception that she was the pregnant parter lure the hostile forces away. Lindy Kirkish provided intelligence that the weapons were held at the UCAS Military test facility in Fort Lewis. She also provide intelligence on the facilitiy and on the fact the weapons had been magically affected by their proximity to strong background counts and now cause psychotic hallucinogenic tendencies to all those in contact. Wraith and Lake constructed a warded containment vessel to secure the item and the Mole entered the facility utilising his Ruthenium Polymer Cloak. He was successful in covert infiltration but encountered unpredicted hostile forces in the form of psychotic guards under the influence of the psychotic field engaged in worship of the weapons. During combat The Mole managed to render them unconcious via his Narco Jet pistol despite being heavily outgunned and outnumbered managed to retrieve the weapon and extract before further hostile forces could engage. Mission Successful.

Mission Assesment

Overall all mission parameters where achieved and Mr Johnson although at first claimed he was unable to provide all the money did however produce a Steel Lynx Drone as part payment which was assigned to Control as his share on condition of futher employment under contract. Mission file terminates Wednesday 11th July 2063

Events by Pins

[this is a sequence of events from Pins' perspective. stuart was keeping the game journal, and so we wait on him for putting down more complete details - Stephen]

  • Dante calls Pins, offers job.
  • Pins gathers team, heads to meet Mr Johnson.
  • Mission is to obtain 3 special guns.
  • Time limited, previous team failed.
  • Pins gets info on previous team from Dante.
  • Pins meets up with Jump Start, the previous team's leader.
  • Pins gets legwork info that previous team discovered.
  • The Mole obtains gun1a from museum.
  • Wraith and Control obtain gun1b from Paul De Vere's home.
  • Team track down owner of gun2 and get it.
  • Team use info on cyberdeck from Jump Start to tack gun3.
  • Pregnant woman knows location of woman with gun3.
  • Team track pregnant woman while military track her.
  • Team help pregnant woman get away from military.
  • Pregnant woman gives Pins phone and location details for woman with gun3.
  • Pins meets woman with gun3, turns oout she has info on it, but not the gun - it is in Ares Macrotechnology barracks.
  • The Mole sneaks into Ares Macrotechnology barracks and gets gun3.
  • Team get paid.

Epilogue by Paul

Given to Lake on his late night date, post run, for the team:

Message from Luckman, Landau, Lake & Locke You did well against us but you were working for the wrong side. Now you have to balance the scales. You owe us one favour. We'll be in touch to collect. Suggest you look on this as an opportunity!

Also: Liz Tanenbaum is captured boarding a train for NAN territory. The stress causes her to go into labour. She is taken to a Saeder Krupp hospital. After three days she emerges, denounces her former lover and takes the baby to start a new life. Lindy Kirkish is captured shortly afterwards trying to see her son. She testifies at John Jackson Miller's treason trial and resigns her commission to take a job with SK. Ares are not happy with the outcome but cannot change it.

The seattle Metroplex Guard report an incursion at a warehouse on their test range. 7 people are deceased and 2 prototypes were stolen.

Eloise De Vere is found dead on a patch of scrubland in the Barrens.