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Vehement Revelations

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Vehement Revelations

GM: Stephen
Held at Stephen's on 15th August 2004
Game Date: Friday 11th August 2062
[1] - GM Notes



  • Hot Sauce - Thomas Dolby
  • The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve
  • Nobody Does it Better - James Bond Soundtrack
  • With a Gun - Steely Dan

Events Log by GM


  • The Mole receives word that a bounty has been put on his head.
  • Lake finds out that Mr Fowler suspects him of something, and might not be too happy with him.
  • Control is trying to kick his NERPS addiction, and has been cold turkey for a week or so.
  • JC is informed by a Knights Of Tarislar lackey that the 'local authorities' bothered at a high number of complaints about wild animals, have decided to handle the situation not by hunting any down themselves, but by offering a bounty for any caught/killed.

Friday 11th August 2062

  • Devil Tiger receives a call from Hot Sauce (his Fixer), about a job that has come his way. The original Fixer with this job doesn't have any resources he can dedicate to the job (just so happens most of these are dead and missing eyes, and make up the victims of the recent news reports), and is sub-contracting the job out so as not to lose face by turning the job down. Hot Sauce is happy for the commission, and organises Devil Tiger with the numbers of a few runners who might help him.
  • Devil Tiger accepts the job, and obtains the meet details (17:00 at the Charles Maier Building in a bad part of Tacoma - too close to Puyallup for comfort).
  • Devil Tiger and the rest of the cast arrange to meet at 16:00 in a Coffee Constitutional Monarchy a block away from the renovated industrial park that houses the Charles Maire Building.
  • At 17:00 team head into the Charles Maier Building, and meet with Mr Johnson who outlines the run. Once the team accept the run he goes into more details.
  • The mission is to infiltrate the Seretech Research floor of a Bellevue Memorial Hospital building, take a dump of their research data, and get it to him without being spotted. Once he has reviewed the information, he may require them to then destroy the data in a secondary run. He will give them more information, and upfront payment of 10K tomorrow at an arranged meet. He offers an total payment of 30K plus a 10K stealth bonus, and team negotiate him up to a 40+10K payment scheme. All must be done before Professor Mac Andrews (the big research project honcho) turns up to review the research and take credit for it.
  • During the meeting, Control starts smoking a bliss-laced cigarette that Devil Tiger has slipped him, and Control's emotions are all over the place and he ends up passing out during the briefing.
  • Control passes out (again) in the bar while discussing the run, and Lake takes him to hospital, where he convinces a crooked paramedic to get some medical tests run on Control - [NOTE TO LAKE: actually yes you do have the brain scan pictures, but you don't have the results of the blood workup, but you can get in touch with the paramedic to obtain them, just cross off the money]

Saturday 12th August 2062

  • Team wake up in their respective beds assuming that all is 'normal'
  • Control finds a bottle of pills on his bedside table that he is sure shouldn't be there, but has popped a few before being able to stop himself, after which he seems to calm down and not worry how they got there.
  • The Mole wakes up to find a force 3 Earth elemental in his room, taking instruction from an invisible source. When The Mole moves, the elemental attacks him, but he is able to dive under the bed for cover, and then roll for a shotgun and blow the elemental away.
  • Lake wakes up with a headache, but puts it down to a hangover from boozing the night before.
  • The Mole calls Lake in a panic, agitated about the attack on him.
  • Devil Tiger receives a call from the Mr Johnson arranging a 10am information drop-off at The Shiny Fork.
  • Control heads to Bellevue Memorial Hospital, while the rest of the team head to The Shiny Fork.
  • The team get into a verbal fight with an old woman (who is sitting with her daughter at the table they are supposed to be at), and almost lose until Lake ask if they can join her, at which point she welcomes them to her table, and seems convered for Devil Tiger who starts faking an 'mentally disabled' agitation/anxiety attack.
  • Courier arrives and drops off a pack of info/money.
  • Lake and Devil Tiger leave, and get to the car parked outside, and The Mole and JC leave a few moments later.
  • Just as The Mole and JC are leaving, they hear a loud-speakered voice announce that they are surrounded, and to hand over The Mole. Everyone but JC are take by surprise, but refuse to hand over their colleague - JC creating a physical barrier between the group and the voice.
  • The unknown assailants continue to demand The Mole, and Devil Tiger shoots The Mole with gel rounds attempting to fool the 'enemy' into believing they are co-operating. No-one else in the team knows this is his plan, and seem surprised, The Mole dropping an IR smoke grenade hoping to make a covert escape route, and Lake attempting to spot and target the assailants.
  • One would-be kidnapper from the building behind the team shoots at The Mole when it is obvious he is not going to be handed over, but The Mole's armour saves him. The initial speaker (a sniper) shoots at The Mole's leg, hoping to either convinve the team to run without him - so he can be taken alive, or to simply kill him and achieve a partial success on their task. Lake's ally spirit behaves a little unusually during the scene, not precisely doing what Lake wishes her to do unless ordered, and then grudgingly.. she seems more inclined to hand over The Mole in contrast to her master's wishes.. (or perhaps picking up subconscious negative thoughts). The Mole's leg is blown off, but in a demonstration of trust the team stick with him, and manage to get him into The Shiny Fork, treat him, and out the back of the building and to hospital.
  • The Mole receives emergency help, but for some unexplainable reason dies (he experiences the fun of heart shock paddle things, people shouting clear, beepy machines doing the long single he's dead tone, and out of body mind flashing experience) - his dead body being identified by Lake.
  • At the same time as the team leave the hospital, shocked at the death of a colleague, uncertain how to proceed with the run.
  • A few moments later The Mole 'awakes', and finds himself sitting in the Coffee Constitutional Monarchy with a coffee, and he rings the team wanting answers/explainations, but the team are just as shocked to find him alive and in a totally different part of town. They suspect he is a clone, or some other strange freakazoid.
  • In an amazing burst of insight Control suspects that they are not in a 'real' environment, and starts trying to look up information on the matrix trying to 'catch out' any digital system he might be attached too. However every single piece of information he finds is exactly as he expects it to be (though the information he didn't know as well as he thought he did, might well just mirror what he thought it was, but is unaware of this as he has no way to check it's veracity, and the memories of other team members are not solicted to try and find and 'flaws' in the system).
  • JC gets naked in a dark alley way in a bad part of Tacoma.. and then flies (eagle form) back to the site of the ambush and picks up spent shell casings of sniper and smg shooters.
  • From contacting Fixers and looking at the info pack from the Mr Johnson a plan is assembled. Control hires a decker through his Fixer, and gets hinm to work on hacking into the security of the relevant research building. The infiltration team wil be: The Mole, JC, Devil Tiger, and an astral Lake. Meanwhile Control will be monitoring the battletac system, and directing the team past the security guards on the hospital grounds, and into the correct building and past security guards and looped cameras with tactical data provided by the hired decker.
  • The team manage to get a wireless-broadacsting dataline tap into place, and out without being spotted. Over the next hour the decker breaks into the system remotely, and starts a data dump.

Sunday 13th August 2062

  • The team buy spare datachips and take a copy of the information they obtained, then arrange a meet and hand over a copy to a representative of their Mr Johnson.
  • The team hang around all day until they go to sleep in a safehouse, after which they wake up in their own beds expecting it to be Monday, but finding out it is Sunday afternoon.
  • Team panics for a while thinking that they have been screwed out of their payment, and are also very confused as to what has happened. Lake's ally spirit has been going frantic, and tells Lake as much, she had feared he was dead, and suddenly gets very clingy.
  • Devil Tiger's Fixer (Hot Sauce) gives him a call and wants to meet him, he has some 'stuff' for them from their Johnson, and is a little disgruntled as his representative almost got killed obtaining it, their Johnson not being quite so lucky and being killed with his 'colleagues' when doing the hand over.
  • The 'package' consists of a datachip with a recorded message, and a certified credstick.
  • Team do calculations, and find they have a total of 60K total from the run to split between themselves. [NOTE: this doesn't actually include the initial 10K from 'saturday' as that wasn't 'real']
  • Message form Mr Johnson states he is happy with the job done, hope the payment provided covers everything. His tone is anxious and worried, he states there are people after him, but they shouldn't be after the team.. the team /should/ be alright - Team are of course aware Mr Johnson is now dead.. obviously due to those that were after him.


  • Control find that he hasn't actually lapsed back onto the NERPS.. but is confused as he thought he did relapse, and it /feels/ as if he has recently been on them
  • Lake is very keen to investigate what happened to him, and has a good chance of working it out, as does JC - (the magical members of the party)

Extras and Venues

  • Hot Sauce
  • Mr Johnson
  • Old Woman in The Shiny Fork with a sharp tongue
  • Sniper with a loud voice
  • SMG toting friend of above
  • Professor Mac Andrews
  • Crooked Paramedic
  • Morge Attendant who's not that great around people, but manages to avoid saying the word autopsy
  • Coffee Constitutional Monarchy
  • Charles Maier Building
  • The Shiny Fork
  • Bellevue Memorial Hospital
  • Morgue
  • Down a manhole

Karma Awards


  • Succeeding in the 'run': 3 Karma
  • Team work (not selling out The Mole, and close co-ordination on stealth infiltration): +2 Karma

Role-Play bonus: Not really able to single any individual out for excellent rp, and so no bonus, but individual bonus, but including it into individal scores below.

Listing players, with moments of note

Al - JC: +5 Karma

  • Dragging The 'peg-leg' Mole into safety and treating him.
  • Smart application of magic for defensive purposes (physical barrier).
  • Refusing to sell out a party member.
  • Surviving not being given much to do by the GM.
  • Self-Control and not going on the hunt for bad-guy eyeballs.
  • In a very bad part of Tacoma, walking into a dark ally-way all on his own and getting naked.
  • Good thinking in heading back to ambush site and getting shell casings - in different circumstances they may have been useful to help Mole work out who was after him.

Chris - The Mole: +3 Karma

  • Calling all his contacts for information on the bounty put on his head, kindly informing any of them that weren't aware to start with. But then coming up with a good idea to put a larger bounty on the head of who was responsible, if he could find out.
  • Casually smoking a cigarette while being stretchered into hospital with his leg blown off.
  • Quick thinking and trying to start an auction for his own life, with the aim of winning the auction.
  • Problems OOCly handling when bad events happen to his character - come on Chris, it's a game, we don't need to take things quite so seriously OOC.
  • Stealth: being less visible to security cameras than the invisible people.

Corin - Lake: +5 Karma

  • Cojones: Trying to fool the johnson into thinking his ally spirit was a team member who should be taken into account when it came to the payment negotions, despite being fully aware that the johnson had a mage check the party overand undoubtedly inform him of her exact nature.
  • Reading the GM's mind (or notes), and asking to sit with the old lady at the correct table in The Shiny Fork, rather than getting into a fight with the poor dear.
  • Managing to get a brain scan of a party member.
  • Refusing to sell out a party member.
  • Coming up with the suggestion that the GM was actually planning to blow bits of the Mole's anatomy off so that he would better be able to infiltrate a hospital.
  • Professionalism: Moving seamlessly from mourning over The Mole's corpse, to more important things - such as the dodgily obtained blood work results of another team member.
  • Ruthlessness: see above

Paul - Devil Tiger: +5 Karma

  • Excellent 'rain man' impersonation.
  • Shooting a party member /4/ times in an attempt to help them.. hmm..
  • Shooting at one of the bad guys - perhaps totally confusing them as to what side he was actually on
  • Refusing to sell out a party member.
  • Pointing out the to GM that shooting someone in the leg /might/ actually kill them - though perhaps not taking into consideration that said person might have been able to dodge if they hadn't wasted all their combat pool dodging four shots from him ;) and the fact the bad guys might not object too much to actually killing their target.

Stuart - Control: +5 Karma

  • Trawling the matrix and trying to 'catch it out' - very much thinking on the right lines.
  • Coming up with a simple and well organised plan to infiltrate the hospital research building - and then overseeing the operaion in exactly the way the character is designed to do.
  • Doing a very good job of roleplaying all the different reactions to various drugs being applied to him (NERPS, Bliss, caffeine, alcohol), and being one of only 2 characters briefly hospitalised.
  • Kindness and Caring: Locking a decker down a dark, cold, damp manhole cover, but leaving him a bag of munchies.

  • Karma for non-attending characters for attending players: half of main character's total award
  • Karma for non-attending player's characters: 2
  • Karma for GM: 10 for Primary Character, 5 for Secondary Characters.

Public Reputation

  • All played characters get: 1
  • All non-played characters get: 0

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