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Non Player Character
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AKA: Joan Hampton
Metatype: Human
Gender: Female
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Ares Macrotechnology
Archetype: Unknown
Created by: Stuart
First seen in: Unknown
Last seen in: Unknown

First appeared in New Orleans Campaign
Female, Human, Mundane. Current Location: New Orleans, CAS

The Origins of Stripe

Joan Hampton was born in Quebec in August 2034, to parents Edward Hampton and Jane Hampton both employees at Cross Applied Technologies. Her mother died only 2 year later of leukaemia and so she was raised alone by her father Edward with assistance from CAT and one of its executives Megan Cross. Both Edward and Megan belong to the Seraphim, CAT black ops organisation.

Joan had a successful education and at the age of 18 enrolled in the Quebec Police Force (owned of course by CAT). She served as a fine officer until one incident involving the murder of her partner. Taking matters into her own hands she hunted down and killed the man while he was “resisting arrest”. After a full enquiry her name was cleared but her reputation tarnish in the force. One organisation not turned off by her rep was the Seraphim who sought out members who did what it takes when necessary. Megan Cross bought her in and took her on as a protégée.

These developments complicated matters for Edward Hapton. Unknown to the Serephim Edward Hampton was in fact a deep cover mole under the name Archeangel. Through his handler Paladin he kept Ares External Security apporised of major events, only making contact with issues of importance. One of these was wabout tom happed.

One of CATs black projects know as Genesis involved the use of genetic engineering to investigate magical ability. The chief scientists Richard Hart wanted the project to move faster but Megan Cross held him back from the use of children in his experiments. Dr Hart also ran a fertility clinic as a front for CAT and when Megan Cross a powerful magician in her own right came forward needing help he tampered with the process in an attempt to increase the talents of the child (later to be names Amy Cross).

Time however was not on Dr Harts side and in 2058 with one of his major projects about to be shut down he wanted out. Edward Hampton noted this and moved in to arrange the extraction of Dr Hart to Ares. Hampton arranged for a team to extract Hart from CAT. Dr Hart had his own agenda though. He secretly arranged for another Shadowrun team to kidnap him from Hampton's team. He also placed enough information to make Megan Cross aware that Hampton was a mole. In a last act of sabotage he arranged for Hampton to be taken out so he could reveal his side of the story.

Dr Hart was successfully extracted by Hamptons team, but then harts team struck and wiped out Hamptons team before they could reach their meet with Hamptons handler Paladin. Pladin assumed that CAT had found out about the extraction and wiped them out.

Hampton now realised his cover was blown. He had a pre arranged get out plan which he enacted but it involved one tricky point, telling his daughter the truth. He left CAT for the last time but before he could contact Joan, Harts information about Hampton being a mole made it to Megan Cross. Immediately she searched for Hampton but he was long gone, so she decided tom go after Joan on the assumption she must be involved. Joan was now one of her top operatives and a skilled agent and when the CAT struck team came for her, she saw them coming and made a daring escape in which she was force to kill two of her own team members. This event left he emotionally scared for life with a chronic paranoia about working as part of a team. Before the attack of the CAT team she had just received a cryptic email from her father asked her too met her at a coffee shop. She went there but as she waited she saw an event unfold which would haunt her for the rest of her life. She saw her father crossing towards the shop when an unmarked black sedan pulled out and smashed into him throwing him across the road. The car sped off, leaving her to stand over her dead father who in his hand held a piece of blood soaked paper. The paper contained a code, which at the time meant nothing to her.

Alone and hunted she took a deadly risk and broke into Seraphim HQ. While here she managed to acquire key sensitive files and information including that she and her father were both wanted by Megan Cross. But the most pressing question on her mind of why was never answered.

Over the next years Joan slipped into the shadows and became Stripe, a ruthless and skilled operative who only worked on her own. In her early career the Seraphim continued to dog her every step and so she acquired a deep paranoia to the point of even killing those few operatives she worked with. And then she met Maclaine…

Notes on Stripe