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Shadowrun: Emergence

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The year is 2070. The world is shaken by a new threat. They move amoungst us. They can't be distinguished from normal people. They talk to the matrix... In 2070 a new species of metahumanity emerges, but will the world want to greet them or destroy them?


Run Name GM Game Date Real Date Venue
Child Of The Matrix Stuart 1st November 2070 19th January 2008 Stuart's
The Office Stuart 8th November 2070 17th February 2008 Stuart's
The Tower Stuart 20th November 2070 29th June 2008 Stuart's
Seatle Slide Stuart 30th November 2070 26th July 2008 Al's
3:10 to Boston Stuart 15th December 2070 30th August 2008 Al's
All Tomorrows Parties Stuart 31st December 2070 5th October 2008 Al's
A Firm Foundation Stuart 21st February 2071 5th October 2011 Stuarts

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