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Seattle Slide

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Seattle Slide

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Real Date: 26th July 2008 - Al's

Game Date 30th November 2070


For Slide there was nothing to beat the feeling of burning rubber on tarmac... No not the smell, the feel.  Wired straight in to his brain his rigger control emulator turned ever movement, every turn, every rev into pure sensation.  Slide had the Tokyo Drift in his blood and when he came to Seattle so did the drift, or as he liked to call it the Seattle Slide.  But for Slide he needed to take it to the next level, and now he's in too deep and trying to Slide back into the shadows before he slides off the edge...


Supporting Cast

  • Slick - Mechanic friend of...
  • Slide - Missing Driver.
  • Twitch - Decker in Slide's group.
  • Maggie (R.I.P.) - Mage in Slide's group.
  • Glitch (needs to be confirmed)) - Merc in Slide's group
  • Jossie - Corporate Secretary and Slides significant other
  • Ned (R.I.P.)- Fixer contact of Slide
  • Calone (R.I.P.)- First bodyguard of the fixer
  • T-Bone - Second bodyguard of the fixer (needs confirmation of spelling).
  • LZ - Street Racer with Yakuza contacts
  • Evac - StreetDoc known to Slide's group.

Events by Eclipse

Eclipse and Styx are hanging out in an area where people go to race their cars and show them off. Like the Fast and the Furious. We see Crackle who is getting hassled by some Yakuza punks. We intervene and then get talked into helping her find a missing driver/shadowrunner named Slide. We head over to his mechanic friend called Slick and after a chat agree to help him out in return for some money and his second car.

Apparently Slide had set up a deadman's trigger if anything bad happened to him. We are the lucky ones to help out. While we are talking to Slick some more Yak goons turn up and start to make trouble. The party intervene and with the help of a stun baton knock them all out. We then head out to see Slide's (latest) girlfriend. She has just been kidnapped and a short car chase later followed by the bad guys crashing their van we have her and a survivor. He tells us about a Yakuza bar where they were taking her.

She wakes up and we talk, she tells us she knows where the safe house is. We go there and find two of Slide's team: Twitch and a mage called Maggie who is dead in the bath. There is considerable amount of blood. Twitch explains to us that the last run went bad and they got ambushed while at the meet with the Mr Johnson. The job was to break into an R&D place and steal a black box. He tells us the name of the Fixer (Ned) who gave them the job and we decide to go and investigate. When we turn up the door has been hacked and Ned and Calone, his on-duty bodyguard are dead.

While we are wondering what to do his second bodyguard (we later find out is named T-Bone) comes in and there is a tense gun-based stand off. It all gets resolved and the party get the name and map of a club that the Ned was looking at. T-Bone goes to do some digging into the job and we go to the bar. As we turn up there is a firefight going on. The party join in and kill the remaining Yakuza. It turns out they were trying to get Glitch, a member of Slide's team he tells us about a street gang that Slide hangs around with. He needs serious medical attention so we take him to his street doc called Evac.

While we are there, Eclipse spots that Twitch is acting funny. Stix has a flashback to the flat where Maggie was found. He remembered that there was a lot of blood in the flat. This would indicate that she was shot and died at the safehouse and thus that Twitch killed her. We knock out Twitch and all leave quickly.

The Party goes to the Gang and Evac takes the Merc to safety. When we get there Eclipse shows off her car and challenges them to a race in order to get information on Slide. She wins and starts asking questions, we find out where Slide is. He is in very bad condition, we search his car and find a little black box. Eclipse jacks in to the "service" entrance and finds herself in a matrix vault with a safe door, she opens the door (doh!) and something escapes. Meanwhile in the real world Crackle senses a huge amount of data leaving the box and connecting with the Matrix. When this is done Eclipse hears a voice saying 'I will remember you.' When she jacks out the group ask what happened and Eclipse says nothing.

T-Bone then contacts the group and tells them that the Johnson has told him the job has been completed and they get paid 50,000 Nuyen. This is split between Slide and his group and our group. 30K for us and 20K for them.