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3:10 to Boston

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Real Date: 30th August 2008 - Al's Place

Game Date: 15th December 2070


He hated to fly... Just the thought that any one of a thousand faults could send the plane crashing to the ground, or to break up, or explode... and that's of course not taking the Crash 2.0 into account! One moment the world was ticking along nicely, the next: air traffic control, navigation, flight operating systems were all crashing...along with the planes.  Trains are a far more civilised way to travel and its far easier to escape from your corporate bodyguards on a train than from a plane...


Supporting Cast


15th December 2070

Eclipse gets a phone call from Dice, apparently she is fed up with Hong Kong and moving to Seattle. There are too many people in Hong Kong trying to kill her as they believe her to be Eclipse. Stix is looking for a place to stay and finds the perfect place for only 5K a month. (something must be wrong with it.) Later T-Bone (Eclipse has kept in contact with T-Bone after Ned died and has been continuing her street racing) calls eclipse and says that he has a job, nice and simple break into an office and load a mook onto the computer system. Eclipse and Dice go and do it. Piece of cake........half way through a guy drags a woman in and is followed by a bullet monkey. Before we can do anything the monkey shoots her in the head. We leave and head to a bar, while we are there we meet Stix and Crackle. Apparently there was a small problem with the comlink at Stix's appartment. (What a surprise!) T-Bone phones and explains that the Johnson for the run has strangly dissapeared. We find out it was the woman who got shot in the head. He says that he has another job lined up, this one is a proper job. We agree to meet the Johnson at Dante's Inferno, a strange night club mainly into S&M.

16th December 2070

The next day, Eclipse takes Dice sight seeing and this wierd Street Sam tries to kidnap her, Dice intervenes and we manage to escape. Meanwhile Crackle sort of fixes Stix's home terminal. Stix meets his next door neighbour and arranges dinner. His house is happy and approves the date telling Stix they are a perfect match. At the meet the team find out that they have to extract a corperate asset from the train and deliver him to Team B who will take him to a safe house. We find out that Grimes is in charge of Team B, this gives us some reasurance, we still need fake ID's though. T-Bone sets us up with a Russian Mafia guy who can get them but we need to find one of his missing secretaries first. We go to her house to look around and while we are there a couple of strange Technofreakazoids turn up and Eclipse finds out what a crappy job Shade did of fixing her. It turns out that the secretary is also a Technofreakazoid and is living with them now. The party leave and come up with a plan on getting the guy out of the train. We also have to get his luggage out of the hold.

17th December 2070

The Plan:

Crackle hacks the train and opens the hatch in the toilets, meanwhile her drones are in the luggage hold and cutting out the targets bag. When the train stops we send a message to the guy telling him to go to the toilets. He then climbs up and him and Eclipse exit the train, shortly followed by the rest of the party and meet up with Team B just inside the tunnels. We all go to the safe house and wait till all this blows over and have a nice cup of tea.

What actually happened:

Crackle managed to hack the train and turn off the alarms in the cargo hold. The drones cut their way out of their compartment and cut the tRgets luggage out. They then made their way to the top of the train. Eclips is waiting in the crawl space and then it becomes obviouse that as the target is a Dwarf the weakest member of the party was not the best person to pull him up into the crawl space. It eventually gets done however and Eclipse and the target go off the train to the service door. Which doesn't open. Time for plan B. Eclipse uses the mook to open the door, this works and she heads into the tunnels. She tries to remove the targets RFID chip with a knife and eventually manages (he doesn't need all the bones in his hand anyway) The guys bodyguards think something is up and the mage goes astral and the street sam heads to the toilet. Dice knocks out the mage and then casually walks by the street sam as he comes back. Crackle opens the train door for her and she makes her escape. Crackle and Stix then exit through different hatches and all meet up in the tunnels.

While walking through the tunnels we see an assault rifle attached to someones hand and a couple of other body parts, we are halfway across a walkway when everything goes dark and we get attacked by ghouls, Eclipse runs away screaming, as does Crackle and Dice, Stix gets knocked out by spells. Eclipse, Crackle and Dice eventually meet up again and try and find Stix. Crackle discovers that the luggage she is carrying is actaully a brain in a jar, and its a Techofreakazoids brain at that. Who has managed to hack his way into one of her drones. That is freaky. We make our way to save Stix and maybe the target, after a short fight we manage it but Stix has been bitten by a ghoul. Even worse the other teams decker Twitch survived. Do we shoot Stix in the head for his own good or maybe a corp can save him. We bring everyone with us and head to the safe house and meet Evac who also made it out alive.


We decide not to give the luggage to the corp Crackle needs a new pet, so we dose the target up with Laes to remove his memory and hand him over to the Johnson, we also give them Stix in the hope that they can cure him. If they can't they can dispose of him for us.