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The Tower

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The Tower

Shadowrun: Emergence Campaign

Real Date: Sunday 29th June 2008

Game Date: 20th November 2070


Prof Arnim Zola has done some bad things...some evil things...and now he is being hunted by a shade from his past.  His only hope is from his secret backers who hire a team of mercenaries to do what it takes, or will they?  Trapped in his office Zola must make a choice between coming clean or never leaving...


Supporting Cast


Team goes to take job. Before they can be double crossed for that job they're asked to rescue ole chest face. They travel off with a competant demon ninja. He will obviously die soon. They reach the tower, find the evil scientist, get the ninja killed and realise they're trapped. Until stix just cuts a deal with the 'bad guy' to hand the mad scientist over for no other reason than to use the bad guy's gratitude to fight the evil AI with the hardware in the mole....errrr, JD. It goes badly. Decline is killed and a mysterious higher power moves mysteriously to place a long unseen PC as NPC. Everyone has fun with Eclipse's mental programming.....until they realise just how many evil AIs they've bumped into lately.