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The Office

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The Office

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Real Date: 17th February 2008
Game Date: 8th November 2070


Supporting Cast


It's a simple job. Eclipse posses as a corporate wage slave for Shiawase to investigate the disappearance of a former employee Erica Dunse. Suspicion falls on the leering office manager Yusuhiko Yamada. It's a simple job... until everyone starts thinking Eclipse is a technomancer! Cue corporate snatch squad from MCT Black Ops and a daring rescue by Danny Boy (Halibut man!) from an MCT research lab.


We get hired to track down a missing wage slave. As it involves infiltration, the best person for the job is JD. Unfortunatly he is depressed and on a drinking binge...(again). It is up to Eclipse to go in with Gwaih Loh and Karl to back her up. She gets a job with the corp in the same department that Erica used to work in. She quickly comes to the attention of the Manager because of her good looks. One of the other girls does not like this and proceeds to make her life a misery. Eclipse makes friends with the other girls, and gets set up on a date by the corperate match making service. Apparently happy workers are productive workers, people in a relationship are happy therefore work harder. Fairly soon after Eclipse starts working there strange things seem to happen. The computers seem to do exactly what she wants them to do, as if by magic. This freaks people out a bit and comments are made that Erica was a bit like that. Then while she is on her lunch break, she nearly gets run over by a car, mysteriously it skids and crashed just before it hits her.

Meanwhile the other members of the group break into the Managers appartment and search it. They find a second commlink and put a bug in it. Gwai Loh gets a job as a gardener so he has a reason to be in the compound. Eclipse gets to go on a date with the manager who quizes her about all the mysterious things that have been going on. She tells him that she doesn't know how they happened, it was all very strange. The manager goes off and makes a call that is intercepted by Gwai Loh. The manager tells someone that he has found another one who shows all of the signs. He gets told they will investigate.

Eclipse goes home and gets kidnapped...(again). She wakes up on a hospital bed......(again). and believes that it is another flash back. The rest of the party have traced her location but don't like the idea of going in alone. It is heavily defended. Gwai Loh contacts the Johnson and gives him the location on the agreement that he can 'personally rescue' Eclipse. 

The team go in and Eclips is brought out saying something about nanites in her brain, and drooling slightly. The group get paid vast sums of money and make more friends in the Technofreak community.