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Child Of The Matrix

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Child of the Matrix

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Real Date: 19th January 2008
Game Date: 1st November 2070


Supporting Cast


New to Seattle the team are hired to escort Nina Ellis a mental patient with strange technokinetic powers to Mr Johnson, but when they arrive she isn't there...

She is a child of the Matrix. She is a new beginning.


We just got into Seattle, things were a bit hectic after the escape from Hong Kong but Leo managed to get us out. It was tough saying goodbye to Arch Angel but we had to make a break. Dandan was out for our blood, he could have let us live, all we knew was that he orchestrated the death of King Tiger so he could userp his place and claim the throne of power. I just didn't see it coming. I'm sure Bane would say 'I told you so' if I ever see him again.

Arch Angel gave me the name of a fixer in town, a guy named Carnac. We contact him and he tells us that he does have a job, it came in a short while ago and needs doing quickly. Me and JD meet a new guy called Decline, he seems to be a shooter, looks like an Ok guy. The job is simple, remove an patient from the mental home and take her to the Johnson. The patient is Nina Ellis, she was online during the crash 2.0 and has been in a coma for aeges. She just woke up and has gone a bit mad. Easy. We go to the hospital to meet the doctor who will hand her over to us, while he is talking to us some alarms go off. He goes to investigate and we check out his computer, JD gets some stuff from it. The doctor comes back and tells us that she is not in her room. Someone has kidnapped her from her room before we can take her out.

We search around for clues and it seems like a very professional job, a proper team did this. After a bit of investigation we locate a gang member KL who had a bit of an online thing for her and apparently she told him that she was being moved and that she was getting kidnapped. We somehow managed to find and rescue her, however we get chased by a lot of bad guys with helicopters and guns. Nina manages to divert them, how she did it without a commlink is scary and freaky. We then get a call from Carnac telling us about the meet, however before that, KL says that he got a call from someone who is called Crystal. Crystal wants to meet us and tell us what is going on. I go online and speak to her, she tells me that I can't turn Nina over to the Johnson becasue she is a child of the matrix. Like that means anything, we were just getting into the negotiation bit when Crystal does some wied freaky stuff and I am in full agreement with her.

We meet up with a representative of Crystal who is also a 'Child of the Matrix' and they go off somewhere. I then start to have strange dreams about Crystal in addition to the wierd ones I got from the nanites in my brain. I really need to see Crystal again and find out what she did to me. We also find out that Carcac was going to double cross us to the Johnson. We however got in first, I love it when that happens. And we will never see Carnac again anyway.