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'''Al'''. The one. The only. But not Chesney Hawkes.
'''Al'''. The one. The only. Often a '''[[User:Al#Characters|character]]''', sometimes a '''[[User:Al#GM'd Games|GM]]'''.  
Often a '''[[User:Al#Characters|Character]]''', sometimes a '''[[User:Al#GM'd Games|GM]]'''.  
== Characters ==
== Characters ==

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Al. The one. The only. Often a character, sometimes a GM.


Al has played a few characters. These are merely the ones he remembers

Name Race Archetype Status Campaign(s)
* Ned Human Alive Seattle
Crackle Human Technomancer / Rigger Alive Seattle
Lover of all things mechanical and electrical.
Decline Human Gun Slinger Dead Seattle
Good with a gun, bad at avoiding bullets.
JC Eagle Shape Shifter Sorcery Aspected Mage Alive Seattle, New Orleans
The Flying Shapeshifting Dive-bombing Aspected-Mage Eagle. Originally from New Orleans, now in Seattle
Fidelity Night One Elf Street Samurai Alive Seattle
A female Street Sam who is out to make a nuyen or two, and to find out what happened in her missing years
Blaze Elf Fire Elemental Mage Alive Seattle
An angry young elf trying to forge a family for herself
Patch Mundane Human Face Undead Seattle
Son of a Freedom Lifescience (a pharma corp) executive who died in mysterious circumstances (Tears Of Tarislar run). Now a Vampire lurking the Streets of Seattle
* Currently in character tree

If you want to look at my really old characters you're welcome to do so. Not much info is there though.

GM'd Games

Al has run the following Shadowrun games:

Name Real Date Game Date Outcome Location(s)
Painting By Numbers 29th September 2003 19th - 21st August 2061 Seattle & Boston
The Replacement Executives 27th March 2004 27th - 30th March 2062 Saved the girl, got the money, made a friend Seattle
Whats Inside Box Number Three 17th April 2004 17th - 18th April 2004 Group Self Destruction Seattle

Has another couple of runs planned for the crew for some point in the near future, he hopes. He doesn't think think he'll be running another run after that, though.

>>>>> It made the run that much more interesting, plus it was all Stuart's fault [Echo]