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EclipsePic.jpeg Eclipse
Real Name: Shen Lu
Human Face - Female, 22 years old
Hong Kong ethnicity
Younger sister of Dice and Rez
Character Notes:
Uses two guns at the same time, thats the way they do it in Hong Kong action movies. Doesn't like shooting people, all that blood makes her feel a bit sick. Likes meeting new people and ruthlesly uses her good looks to her own advantage.
Friendly chinese girl, around 20, very good looking. Can usually be found in a local bar chatting to people and making new contacts. If she can't get hold of something she knows a man who can, usually wears street clothes but has been known to scrub up for the occasion. She is also known for driving a very hard bargain.
Career Highlights
....Coming Soon....


Eclipse grew up in a triad controlled part of Hong Kong with her two sisters, although her older sister left when she was very young. Her uncle brought her up as her father was in the navy and spent most of his time on a ship somewhere. Her uncle ran a noodle restaurant in Kowloon area, consequently he had to pay the triads protection money. From an early age Eclipse started to hang around with the local Triads in the area, she had always been a bit wild and her friendly nature and good looks made her a natural hit with them and she was soon helping them out with moving packages around the area. This gave her the opportunity to make more contacts outside the Triads. While she was doing this she got hooked on pirated Hong Kong action films as they were big business for the Triads, so much so that she even started to learn Kung Fu and how to use two guns so she could do what they did in the films. Being ambidextrous she found that she was a natural at using two guns at the same time.

However it all went wrong when she got stopped in a planned operation by a young Knight Errant detective called Kenjo Tan. She got caught with a kilo of cocaine, he had hoped that as she was young she would crack under pressure and tell him who was smuggling the drugs. Eclipse who had been brought up with the mentality that all cops are corrupt told him nothing, Detective Tan persisted as he knew she would be a valuable source of information if he could get her to talk. Eclipse realised she was in a bad situation but saw there was a way out, she could give him some information in return for him helping her get a reduced sentence and then helping her out and giving her information when she got out of prison. He agreed and she was sent to prison for 3 years.

During those years she met a few people and made a few more contacts. When she got out she started seeing Detective Tan, it started as a business relationship but developed into something a bit more serious. She stopped working for the Triads but continued an underworld existence. This didn't sit well with Detective Tan and they broke up a couple of times before getting together again, on a trial on again off again sort of relationship.

She continues to work in the underworld, negotiating for people and doing work as a low level fixer. She keeps in touch with all her contacts and when she can she puts work their way. She can usually be found at a drinking den called Siskos Bar.

While working in Hong Kong she was involved in a few good jobs and several bad ones. She split up with Kenjo after he thought she was a professional assassin working for the BC's. This didn't last however as a group of corrupt cops wanting to push him out of the force set it up so IA were looking into him. Kenjo went on the run and the party ended up helping remove King Tiger from power with the help of Dandan Song. During the run Kenjo was killed by a spirit of some sort, Eclipse is still not completely over what happened. When the run was done, the group were captured and Dandan ordered them killed, they managed to get rescued and fled she fled to Seattle on a herring trawler with the rest of the group.

Current Status:

In Seattle looking for a fixer and some work. Has had some recent bad experiences with UCAS Fixers. They seem to give worse jobs than Sammy Lee ever did.

Known Associates:

  • A fixer
  • Gwai_Loh
  • A barman
  • A stick wielding French dude

Eclipse's Character Sheet

Human (0BP Cost)

Attributes (220BP) Rating BP Cost
Body 3 20
Agility 4 20
Reaction 4 20
Strength 2 10
Charisma 5 40
Intuition 5 40
Logic 4 30
Willpower 4 20
Edge 5 20

Derived Attributes Rating
Essence 6
Initiative (R+I) 9
Initiative Passes 1
Physical Damage Track (8+B/2) 10
Stun Damage Track (8+W/2) 10

Active Skills (154BP) Rating Base Attribute BP Cost Dice Pool
Negotiation 6 Charisma 24 11(13)[15]
(SP) Barganing 8 Charisma 2 13(15)[17]
Con 4 Charisma 16 9(11)[13]
(SP) Seduction 6 Charisma 2 11(13)[15]
Etiquette 3 Charisma 12 8(10)[12]
Intimidation 2 Charisma 8 7(9)[11]
Pistols 5 Agility 12 9(11)
Perception 3 Intuition 4 8
Gymnastics 3 Agility 4 7
Dodge 3 Reaction 4 7
Locksmith 2 Agility 4 6
Pilot Ground Craft 2 Reaction 4 6
(SP) Wheeled 4 Reaction 2 8
Electronics Group 3 Logic 10 7
Stealth Group 3 Intuition 30 8
Close Combat Group 4 Agility 20 8

Knowledge Skills (27BP) Rating Base Attribute BP Cost Dice Pool
Underworld Politics 4 Intuition 4 9
Hong Kong Area Knowledge 3 Logic 3 8
Fashion Trends 4 Intuition 4 9
Hong Kong Action Movies 4 Logic 4 9
Knight Errant Procedures 4 Intuition 4 9
Urban Brawl 3 Logic 3 8
Chinese Cooking 3 Intuition 3 8
Street Racing 2 Logic 2 7
Seattle Area Knowledge 1 Logic n/a 6
Seattle Underworld Knowledge 1 Logic n/a 6

Language Skills Rating BP Cost Dice Pool
Chinese Native 0 9
Mandarin 4 4 9
English 3 2 8

Qualities (+15 BP's) Notes (Page No.) BP Cost
Ambidextrous Use either hand, no penalty 5
First Impressions 2 dice for social rolls on first meeting 5
Good looking and knows it
2 dice for social rolls with opposite sex, 1 dice for same sex 5

SINner Criminal record +10
Low Pain Tolerance -1 dice per 2 boxes damage +10
Mild Allergy - Coffee Can't drink it +5
Squeamish Uuugh blood +5

Contacts (33 BP) Connection Loyalty BP Cost
Detective [ Kenjo Tan ] 4 5 9
Barman [ Bo Sisko ] 2 2 4
Fixer [ Sammy Lee ] 3 3 6
Arms Dealer [ Victor Van Boom ] 2 2 4
Smuggler [ Leo Getz ] 4 2 5
Corporate Person [ Arch Angel ] 4 3 or higher
Fixer [T-Bone]

Mechanic [Slick]

Decker [Shade]


Gear (50,000) [10BP]

Current Cash:



Everyday Gear

Running Gear


Career History
Total Karma 147
Current Karma 16
Cash for Karma 30,000
Street Cred
Public Awareness

Karma Spent on... Amount
Dodge to 2 4
Perception to 2 4
Pistols to 4 8
Willpower to 4 12
Agility to 4 12
Gymnastics to 2 4
Perception to 3 6
Edge to 5 15
Gymnastics to 3 6
English to 3 3
Pistols to 5 10
Electronics Group to 2 10
Locksmith to 2 4
Dodge to 3 6
S.A.K to 1 2
Ground Craft to 2 4
Reaction to 4 12
Electronic Group to 3 15
S.U.K to 1 2

Keeps have strange dreams caused by nanites and has recently been mind controlled by an AI called Crystal

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