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The Nameless One

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Character picture for Sun Tinuviel - AKA TNO
Real Name: Sun Tinúviel
Elf physical adept
Rich origins
Fiery Red Hair

Career Highlights
Initiated a dislike of the Black Chrysanthemums
Took a chest-full of bullets trying to save Eclipse in Special Delivery For Mr Priam
Got accused of turning into a Ghoul


Tall, slim, red haired elf. Used to getting her own way, having endless supplies of money, and being respected.

Favoured Weaponry

  • Ruger Super Warhawk


  •  ??
  •  ??


Sun Tinúviel was born into an affluent lifestyle with rich parents; given endless gifts and lines of credit where other children were given chores. Progeny of an Elven mother always out at boutiques, shopping malls, high society parties and a Human father always out at business meetings for some electronics corp, at the golf club, or taking his prize wife out to dinner parties to rub shoulders with the social elite.

Sun Tinúviel attended the very best schools, and had friends from all the very best families - her spare time was spent exploring new ways of spending money, gossiping with friends, and keeping fit (athletics, netball, and even the odd bit of self-defence class thrown in for good measure).

In the days approaching her 19th birthday she was planning a late night out with friends, and was curious as to the exact time of her own birth - and so began digging through her mother's things. She came across all sorts of old papers, photographs, and got carried away with her search, even after she found her birth certificate records. It was during her searching that she came upon a locked set of files. It took her some time, but the locks were so old, that they weren't too hard to work around, and the contents shocked her. The contents seemed to insinuate that for several months before Sun Tinúviel's birth, her mother had spent a lot of time visiting a bar in the wrong end of town. Journal entries stated how much fun she was having at this place where no-one knew who she was, how liberating it was to not have to try to play the role she normally had to in high society. Intrigued at this part of her mother's life - that she had not known about, she decided to investigate further.

Several days later, after giving her bodyguards the slip, she started poking around this rougher part of town. Asking questions here and there, showing old photos of her mother, she finally was directed to an elderly woman who seemed to recall this bright young elven woman who breezed into the bar one night and after a few weeks ended up dating a local guy, then suddenly several months later, disappearing as suddenly as she had turned up. The guy searched high and low for her, but unable to find her he had confided in the old woman about how this strange exotic woman had come to him one last time, telling him that she was pregnant, but that they couldn't stay together, that she was foolish to have tried in the first place, and then ran out on him. The elderly woman, back then, had told the man that these were probably lies and excuses, and it had helped the man get over it all.

Hearing this tale, Sun Tinúviel could not help but dwell on the issue, pondering if indeed her mother was pregnant by this man, and what had happened to the baby. But looking at the dates, this baby could not have been born. it must have been a lie, and her mother soon got pregnant with her father.

Trying to convince herself, Sun Tinúviel tried to forget everything she had learned, but several months later she could no longer bear it, and obtaining DNA samples of her parents she had a private test run, determined to prove to herself she was the child of them both. Her entire life as she knew it was thus destroyed when the results confirmed her subconcious fears. Her father was not her father.. she didn't know whether to be angry at him, or at her mother. She couldn't speak to either of them about it - it would make it far too real and possibly destroy their family for ever. Finally the only person she could find to be angry at was this evil man that had seduced her mother and stolen Sun Tinúviel's true father from her - so she decided to track him down and resolve things once and for all.

Once she had decided to track him down, she realised she would need to make sure no-one knew who she was during her search, and so she carefully made her plans.

She slowly started setting money aside for herself into a false account, she set herself up with a hospital appointment, and underwent minor surgery to change her features sufficiently to be able to masquerade as someone other than herself. The very night of her operation her plans were set in motion and she did not return home, instead moving into an apartment rented under the false identity she had obtained. She returned back to this bar in the wrong part of town, and started trying to find this man who had turned her life upside down. Pretty soon she started running out of money, suddenly having to pay for everything herself seemed to be so much more expensive than she had planned. Faced with depleting resources she would either have to run back home, or find herself a job. She worked as a barmaid a few weeks, a waitress at a nearby cafe in the mornings, but the low rates of pay would have her working day and night to feed and house herself and give her no time to find her real father - and so she started inquiring after other jobs, less legal ones, ones that would pay more. Her first few attempts had her quickly needing to crack some skulls to explain that she wasn't after those sorts of jobs - and thus she came to the attention of Sammy Lee. In her first job for Sammy Lee Sun Tinúviel almost lost her life several times as things seemed to go froom bad to worse, but she got out alive vowing never to do anything like that again. The sheer amount of money made in that run allowed her to stick to her vow for quite some time, but as money started running low again, she had to once again resort to the riskier yet more lucrative job market.

Ran In

Character Sheet

Elf (BP Cost)

SURGE: Unexpected , -10 , Surge at an unexpected time

Atrributes (BP Cost)

Attribute Rating BP Cost
Body 3 (+1) 20BP
Agility 7 50BP
Reaction 4/5/9 30BP
Strength 3 20BP
Charisma 3 20BP
Intuition 4 20BP
Logic 2 10BP
Willpower 3 20BP
Edge 4 30BP
Magic/Resonance 5 40BP

Derived Attributes

Attribute Rating
Essence 6
Initiative (R+I) 8/10
Initiavtive Passes 2
Physical Damage Track (8+B/2) 10
Stun Damage Track (8+W/2) 10

Adept Powers

Power Rating Cost
Increase Reflexes 1 2
Combat Sense 4 2
Mystic Armour 2 1

Active Skills (BP Cost)

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
Firearms 1 Agility 10BP
Stealth 4 Int / Agi 40BP
Outdoors 1 Int / Wil 10BP
Close Combat 1 Agility 10BP
Thrown Weapons 5 Agility 20BP
Dodge 5 Reaction 20BP
Perception 2

Knowledge Skills ( Free BP)

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
High Society People 2
High Society Etiquette 2
Fashion / Style 2
Witty Put-Downs 2

Language Skills

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
Cantonese N
Sperethiel 4
Mandarin 3
Japanese 3
English 1

Qualities (BP Cost)

Quality BP Cost Notes/Page Ref
Lucky 20 Increased Racial Maximum: Edge
Adept 5 Magic Adept
Toughness 10 +1 Body for Damage Resistance (melee)
Sensitive System -15
Legal SIN -15
Allergy: Mild - Gold * - 5
  • Probably going to change this when I get a better handle on possible flaws

Contacts (BP Cost)

Contact Name (Link) Connection Loyalty BP Cost
Jackie Chan (Simsense Star) 2 2 in game
Jaina Jensen? (Simsense Star Agent) 2 2 in game
Sammy Lee (Fixer)

in game


Fake SIN - 3 w/ permits: Ruger Super Warhawk, shock frills
Fake SIN - 3
Doc Wagon Basic
Sun Glasses w/ Flare Comp, Smartlink, Image Link, Thermographic
Audio Buds w/ Audio 3, Spatial Recogniser (+3 listening perception tests, +2 locate sound perception tests)
Commlink - R/Sy/F/Si = 4/4/3/5

Weapons & Ammo
Katana Knife Ruger Super Warhawk Remington Roomsweeper
FN HAR Shuriken Flash Bang Grenades Frag Grenades
Flechette Ammo Ex Ex Ammo

Camo Suit 8/6 Helmet +1/+2
Heavily modded Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
- Fire Resistance 6, Insulation 2
- Non-Conductivity 6, Thermal Damping 6
- Shock Frills (6 Se AP*.5)
- multiple camo overlays

Career History

Total Karma 37
Current Karma
Street Cred
Public Awareness

Karma Spending Record (Total Karma Spent)

Karma Spent on... Amount
Magic 6


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