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(Specialist Murphy, Patrick D.)


el mercenario, played by Ivo

'Specialist' Murphy is a gun for hire with a (seriously) dodgy past. He cultivates an aura of military experience, but how much of this is an act is uncertain. He is a man of few talents. Unlike the more esoteric pursuits of fellow team members, his calling is that of destruction. Whether letting rip from an anti-vehicle support weapon in an urban environment, drilling a pistol round into the head of a fleeing target from 60 meters, setting demolition charges, or wading into a scrap fists first; if you're looking for trouble you're likely to find Danny there already, with a thermos flask in one hand and a Colt Manhunter in the other.



  • TNO Sullen Elf babe.
  • Eclipse Japanese chick (pretty hot). Not really sure what she does.
  • Bane Combat mage. Bit of a drug problem, but otherwise OK.


Attribute Rating
Body 5
Agility 4 (6)
Reaction 4 (8)
Strength 5
Charisma 2
Intuition 5
Logic 2
Willpower 2
Edge 6
Magic/Resonance -

Derived Attributes

Attribute Rating
Essence 1
Initiavtive Passes
Physical Damage Track (8+B/2)
Stun Damage Track (8+W/2)

Active Skills

Skill Rating
Gunnery 3
Heavy Weapons 5
Autos 3
Pistols 4
Unarmed Combat 4
Dodge 5
Percepction 4(+2)/(+2)
Armourer 1
Computers 1
Demolitions 4
Survival 1
Stealth 2
Running 2
Gymnastics 2

Knowledge Skills

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
Irish bars 2 2
Merc hangouts 2 2
Ballistic weapons 3 3
Tri-D Porn Actresses 4 4
Poker 3 3

Language Skills

Skill Rating Base Atrribute BP Cost
English (N)
Spanish 3
Cantonese 1


Type Build pts
Classified (GM eyes only) +10


Implant Essence Nuyen Cost
Dermal plating 2 1 10,000
Wired reflexes 2 3 32,000
Cybereyes 4 0.5 1,500
(Flare comp) 750
(Low light) 1,000
(Thermograph) 1,000
(Visual enhance 3) 4,500
(Visual mag) 1,000
(Smartlink) 1,000
Muscle toner 2 0.4 16,000
Reaction enhancer 2 0.6 20,000

Accumulated Gear / Funds

Ultrasound shades (1,025)
Clothing (Army surplus) ( 100)
Hardliner gloves ( 300) Earbuds x2 ( 20)
(Spatial recogniser)x2 ( 200)
(Audio enh 3)x2 ( 600)

Ammo Bin

Cal Regular Ex-explosive
10 mm
7.62 mm (box)

Career History

Total Karma 66
Current Karma 14
Street Cred  ?
Notoriety  ?
Public Awareness  ?

Karma Spending Record (Total Karma Spent)

Karma Spent on... Amount
Charisma stat 6
Stealth skill 4
Strength stat 15
Running 8
Gymnastics 4
Intuition 15


Weapon Stats, vehicle stats, spirits, sprites, etc


Career highlights

  • Started fight in bar after betting his gun in a Poker game.
  • Started fight in bar after unsuccessful attempt to seduce barmaid.
  • Gunned down Iron Clad over a matter of honour.
  • Got called 'psychotic and unpredictable' by Bane
  • Now hunted by both Black Chrysanthemums and Red Dragon Triad.
  • Mowed down four Triads when told to create diversion.

Current status

Sleepless in Seattle.