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You might also want to check out the Old Quotes pages for archived quotes. Please add only new quotes here, and archive them off if they get too old!

Please add your player quotes after the line:

"I'm a party animal, still drinking from last night." - Al as Blaze - a mage
"You can banish spirits can't you?" - Stuart - GM

"Apparently Lake and Blaze have a steamy relationship." - Stephen talking about Blaze, a fire elemental mage, and Lake a water elemental mage

"Lets get this head back to the original owner..." - Corin,
(talking about a decapited head thats just come out of 'the box' in Whats Inside Box Number Three)

"you put the coffin in the back of the van" - Stuart.
"Coffin????" - Al.
"Er.. no.. box.. it's a box.. a coffin shaped box" - Stuart.
(it turned out it was a coffin, housing a vampire, which killed Patch & Nexus in Boxing Dracula)

"Can you say 'Frying tonight'?" - The Mole tactfully explains to his (soon to be ex) girlfriend the fate of her nurse, caught in an arson attack in Surging In Seattle

"Mooo!" - Stephen in response to most of the group being tortured with cattle-prods.

"Soften her up!" - Stuart's NPC from above torture scene.
"Does he use moisturiser?" - Stephen

"you're a proffesional killer of innocent people!" - Richard indignantly to NPC
NPC kicks Richard's character
"You see!" - Richard

"We can sort out his death later" - Unknown, about a plan to fake the NPC's death
"Uh.. fake death!" - NPC worriedly

"Lets wire him with a cortex bomb" - Ivo
"Why? Just in case?" - Stephen
"Its Maclaine, actually" - Ivo