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Chinese Elven Combat Mage

Chen grew up on the mean streets of Hong Kong, he and his sister Mao Yin were orphans left to fend for themselves when their parents were killed in pointless crossfire between rival gangs.

The siblings stood out, both were elves and both felt the call of magic, but while Mao Yin heard the call of the spirts Chen was called to a more practical art, studying first from bootlegged street grimoires and then buying books and chips with the money his new found skill earned Chen began to master the mystic arts.

He soon realised that it was not the subtlty, the knowledge or the refined enlightment that called him to magic but the power, the raw sheer power of bending the universe to his will and unleashing its energies against his enemies.

He took the street name Bane and joined a gang, who were eager to recruit a mage to there ranks and for a few happy years he bent his talents to intimidating rivals, shakings down business and fighting skirmishes with rival gangs. Finally the day came, all out war with a another gang, blood on the streets and bullets in the air.

At the high point of the fighting Bane was awake for 96 hours summoning and casting without restraints, the amount of stims he consumed didn't quite kill him but it did give him craving for more. During the crossfire he witnessed an event that troubled him deeply, an innocent man pinned down and bleeding ignored by both sides.

Thoughts of his long dead parents began to haunt his stim addeled brain, mixing with the horror and death of many of those he called friend as his gang was remorselessly and effectivly destroyed by their rivals. In an effort to preserve his sanity he sought to block out the painful images and desparing thoughts with artifical substitutes, B.T.Ls. The BTLs stopped the despair and kept him functional enough to survive the final defeat of his gang and he was left alone, his few surviving friends scattering to the four winds.

Seeking to build a new life for himself he looked to the only career that his skills and temperament qualified for, that of a shadowrunner. Bane is a violent man, the anger and self-loathing he feels express themselves in aggression and a reckless contempt for his personal safty and that of others. He still takes BTL and stims in small doses. His demeanor is compouned by the fact that one of the few things that still give him unalloyed joy in the world is weilding his magic and most of the spells he knows are destructive ones.

Played by Joe


These are my friends or as close as I've got at the moment, mess with them, mess with me.

  • TNOMagicaly active, she kills people with guns and swords and in all kinds of other intresting ways.
  • Slacker A disgusting shrimp whose competence in his field of expertise is sufficent to make up for his odiouse habits.
  • Eclipse she doesnt kill people, and she isn't a technomancer, she does... err other stuff, who knows?. She dosn't really have the stomach for this line of work, so we have to keep an eye out for her best intrests. She is apparently being played for a sap by Dan Dan Soong, and TNO has asked for my help in protecting her intrests in this matter.
  • Danny AKA Gweilo, A crass crude gun toting mercenary the only down side is that he's a white guy, but we all have our problems.
  • Some guy err we where on a ship together his name is err Jack? Can't remeber his name err we stole a jewel? awwwh crap proably not important.

Career Highlights =

Killing the entire enemy band Morlocks with a manaball before anyone else had a chance to blink let alone act. In Little Trouble In Big China

Character Sheet

Karma: 21

Elf (BP Cost 30)

Atrributes (BP Cost 230)

Attribute Rating
Body 3
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 3
Charisma 4
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 4
Edge 2
Magic 5

Derived Attributes

Attribute Rating
Essence 6
Initiative (Astral) 8
Initiavtive Passes (Astral) 1(3)
Physical Damage Track (8+B/2) 10
Stun Damage Track (8+W/2) 10

Spells (BP Cost 30)

Armour Lightningh bolt
Clout Mana Ball
Increased Initiative Manabolt
Levitate Physical barrier
Turn to Goo Mind Probe

Active Skills (BP Cost 124 )

Skill Rating
Astral combat 3
Blades 2
Counjuring skill group 3
Counterspelling 3
Dodge 3
Etiquette: Street 2+2
Perception 2
Pistols 3
Spellcasting 5

Knowledge Skills ( Free BP 18)

Skill Rating
Corporate security tactics 2
Knight Errant Procedures 2
Magic Background 3
Hong Kong Underworld 2
Majohong 2

Language Skills

Skill Rating
Cantonese N
Sperethiel 4
English 3

Qualities (BP Cost)

Mild allergy to sunlight
Addiction:Mild Simsense
Addiction: Mild Stims
Senstive System

Contacts (BP 8 Cost)

Contact Name (Link) Connection Loyalty
Sammy Lee (Fixer) 2 2
Egg Shen (Talismoinger/tourguide) 2 2