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August 2062

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In The Shadows August 2062

Hot on the Streets

Well it’s been a scorcher of a month with the hottest August since 2045 with temperatures reaching a staggering 40 degrees. The summers seem to be trailing off now but the heat wave is predicted to continue well into September and then be replaced by heavy storms. Meteorologists (that’s weather men...) are stumped at the heat wave and again fingers are being pointed to the quality of the Seattle air and the continuation of the Global Warming issue which is still ongoing despite the shift in power generation to fusion technology. So unless you have the latest Bronze Tech gene therapy to block out that harmful UV then stock up on sun block!

Mega Corps on the Rise

It’s easy for shadowrunners to concentrate on the big 10 AAA Mega Corps when it comes to work but there are plenty of AA, A and even national corporations who are fighting for the feeding grounds. Some of the fastest rising corporations in the city include Asclepious Inc, Uber Braun and Leibstrom, all of whom are rumoured to be big hirers for shadow talent to further their ends...

Shipping Crisis

Rumour on the street is that the biggest union of dock workers, entitled the Dock Workers Union (I know imaginative) are on the verge of striking. Although mega corps have done all they can to break up this union it has prevailed for more the 80 years and is one of the most powerful unions in Seattle. Of course they didn’t get this far without backing. The mob contributes heavily to them and in return gets a foot in the smuggling routes into and out of the city. It would appear that there may be a lot of work turning up in the shadows of the Tacoma docks.

Happy Hunting

After a series of vicious attacks on people by what seems like a large tiger the Seattle government has places a controversial bounty on the capture of killing of any “dangerous” animals within the city limits. Of course this has a few of the pro-metahuman groups a little twitchy as it could spell problems for the few city dwelling shapshifters here in the sprawl. As to the nature of this mysterious tiger, no one knows...

Street Docs Are Us

You hope you’ll never need to but in the job you’re bound to end up at your local friendly street doc at least once in your career, whether its to have some hard ware wired in or to have bullets removed. But it may be the case that you don’t have a local friendly street doc to turn to and you have to find a street clinic in a hurry. Well this is a guide to what organisations are running street clinics are out there and some info on them.

Mothers Of Metahumans Medical Centre The Mothers of Metahumans is a pro metahuman Poli Club which has been rising in status over the last few years. Its Seattle branch is headed by an eagle shaman known as Jade Eagle. In the last year after the SURGE the MOM started to set up clinics where those effected by SURGE and other metahumans could come for free and unbiased medical treatment. That’s not to say the MOMMC won’t take in humans, in fact they are a regular charity. So how do they afford it? Well it seems the MOMMC have major corporate sponsors in the form of Yamatetsu Corporation and the Draco Foundation. Well what’s the catch? There doesn’t seem to be one, except in general these folks are quite law abiding and may take exception to treating wanted criminals.

Friends Of Humanity Refuge On the other side of the coin are the Friends Of Humanity. This Humanis Policlub promotes a blatant anti metahuman agenda to those in society who are most vulnerable and easily influenced the street folk. Of course this is all wrapped up in a friendly guise. They treat metahumans and SURGEd individuals as if they where disabled, in need of pity and special treatment. Although they will treat metahumans in the clinics they will give preferential treatment to any humans present.

Mafia Street Clinics Well the mob are into everything else why not street clinics. This is new ground for the mob and they have been moving into sponsor and support street docs and then set them up in business, of course for a slice of the profits and free upgrades to their made men. Generally you get a good service at these places, but they are difficult to find and are available on invite only (of course you can usually buy an invite). They don’t do charity...

Tanamous Now this may be a familiar name as the Tanamous gang are a group of major organ leggers. Well it seems in light of the problems with corpses getting up and walking away before their organs can be harvested, Tanamous have decided to branch off into the street doc business. Of course they may not be too reliable, and if you die on the table you’ll probably be sold for parts, but the do work for anyone who can pay, no questions asked.