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March 2063

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In The Shadows March 2063

Salish Shidhe Council Treaty Signed

In a historic event Governor Marilyn Schultz, UCAS Vice President Nadja Daviar and Salish Shidhe Council Chief Harold Grey Bear, signed a military mutual protection agreement over the Salish Shidhe / Tsiamshian border. Since Tsiamshians unsuccessful 2 day invasion in May 2062, the border between these two nations has been a hot bed of violence conducted mainly by unauthorised militia groups on either side (although exactly how unauthorised they are is another matter!). The new treaty means that the Salish Shidhe will allow the UCAS military forces (recently dispatched to deal with the Renraku Archology Shutdown) to remain based in Seattle in return for the UCAS military lending assistance in limited peacekeeping duties at the border and military intervention in the case of a full invasion by Tsiamshian forces. Sounds too good to be true eh? Well rumour is that there are a lot of other secret conditions to this treaty to sweeten the deal for both sides. So what does this mean to you Shadowrunners eh, well good times and bad. Running the Salish Shidhe border should become easier over time with the step down of military presence there, which means more out of town work opportunities. On the down side there is another whole battalion of troops with mil-spec equipment hunkered down there in Fort Lewis... Rumours also persist that the UCAS government are keeping Military forces in Seattle to help contain the growing Shedim threat. Whether this is true or not, only time will tell.

MCT Meta Magic Research Hits the Streets

A mysterious figure known only as Jafar has rocked the Magic Shadow community by posting brand new top secret research on Mage Net stollen from the Mitsuhama Computer Technologies top research labs. This cutting edge research includes a new Meta Magic technique called Binding. Apparently discovered in ancient Babylonian writings, this techniques allows spirits such as elemental to be bound into foci called vessels. The Vodoun tradition uses a similar technique involving a spirit known as a Work Loa. Once created this Vessel can be used to trap a spirit on this plane (the spirits can't return to its Meta Plane). The spirits essence is bound into the Vessel and so the Magician does need to use his own force of will to keep the spirit on the plane. In addition anyone who is holding the vessel may comand the spirit as though they summond it. Once the spirit has used all of its services its spirit leaves the vessel and returns to its home plane. Nature shamans are publicly outrages at this saying that it is an affront to the Totems and it's unlikely you'll see any shamanistic magicians using this technique, but I should think that Hermetic Magicians will soon be using this technique to create a few "Genies in the lamp".


Taken from Channel 47 News

Start File You’re not gonna believe this, folks.

I’m standing here, in what used to be The Corleone Pasta Eaterie, on the corner of Sontag-Starasse and 3rd, in what can only be described as a scene of devestation. Scattered around me are some 22 dead Mafia suits, with 3 more being taken off by paramedics.

Two hours ago, several senior Mafia figures along with a retinue of bodyguards arrived here, as they usually do on a Teusday, to have lunch. Half way through a second course of Tagliatelle, Ernie Biggles, the owner of the eaterie and the only other person inside at the time, recived a phone-call summoning him to the rear entrance. Ten seconds later, the entire restaurant is engulfed by a fireball centered on the Mafia table.

According to police sources, the explosion was caused by what appears to be a Stinger Missile, fired into the shop front. Lone Star officials say a disposable launch tube was recovered on a rooftop opposite. Next to it was a piece of paper, with the letter ‘W’ scrawled on it.

Among the dead are Kyle Newman, Senior enforcer of the Bigio Family (brother of the recently deceased Jack Newman), and Antony Delafioro, nephew to Don Maurice Bigio.

Who or what is W, remains a mystery, but they better start running. Rumours of a manhunt are already spreading through the Seattle underworld, with the Yaks being first to deny responsibility, despite a series of down-town skirmishes and one car-bomb between them and the Neapolitans.

I will bring you more as this story develps. End File

Some of know who W is, and wish him luck in whatever new life he manages to find. Just a word of advice, stay out of town, every made man and bounty hunter in North America is now on the look out for you. I just hope what you did brings you some peace.