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Al has played a few characters. These are merely the ones he remembers

Name Race Archetype Status Campaign(s)
* Ned Human Alive Seattle
Crackle Human Technomancer / Rigger Alive Seattle
Lover of all things mechanical and electrical.
Decline Human Gun Slinger Dead Seattle
Good with a gun, bad at avoiding bullets.
JC Eagle Shape Shifter Sorcery Aspected Mage Alive Seattle, New Orleans
The Flying Shapeshifting Dive-bombing Aspected-Mage Eagle. Originally from New Orleans, now in Seattle
Fidelity Night One Elf Street Samurai Alive Seattle
A female Street Sam who is out to make a nuyen or two, and to find out what happened in her missing years
Blaze Elf Fire Elemental Mage Alive Seattle
An angry young elf trying to forge a family for herself
Patch Mundane Human Face Undead Seattle
Son of a Freedom Lifescience (a pharma corp) executive who died in mysterious circumstances (Tears Of Tarislar run). Now a Vampire lurking the Streets of Seattle
* Currently in character tree

If you want to look at my really old characters you're welcome to do so. Not much info is there though.