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Total Product Recall

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Total "Product" Recall
Campaign: Shadowrun: Reloaded
GM: Stuart
Location(s): Seattle
Players: HuWen - Stephen
Banzi - Joe
Halo - Richard
Ned - Al
Ivy - Chris
Notable NPCs:
Game Date: Unknown
Venue: Al's
Real Date: 12th March 2010

Pregame: Kevin Moto looked at the data again and cursed, this was no accident, no minor indiscretion that could be dealt with internally. There were contracts at stake, HLE's very reputation!. Slowly he reached over for his comlink and punched in a code that existed no where in his data files nor in any official records at his office. He had never had cause to call it before and he hoped it was still live. It buzzed twice before an audio only connection opened. "yes?" the synthetic voice was clearly an autosecretery, as he expected. Clearing his throat he stated a phrase he had memorised the day he got the number; "Good Afternoon I am interested in booking a tour" "one moment please I shall connect you" Kevin let out sigh, he hated this kind of dealing, but at least some punks where going to learn not to frak with Hidachi Light Electronics

The Game Begins

HuWen is approached my another monk at his monestery and told that there is a lady who only speaks chinese and appears lost and homeless, can HuWen help her?

HuWen talks to Ivy, she is clearly a Shadowrunner, her team have all been killed and she's the only survivor. HuWen agrees to try and help her find work.

HuWen then receives a call - a job. Meet tonight at a bar.

Banzi and Ned sit round in bar knocking back shots and arguing the merits of bourbon vs Saki they are interupted by Huwen.

Calls Ned/Halo/Banzai and invites them to the job, also invites Ivy.

The 'tourist' tells us about a car accident, where the autonav was glitchy. After investigation it turned out the parts were not originals, but fakes. They have traced the supplier of the fakes and want us to extract them and get information.

target lives in a average security gated community. Our plan is to go over the fence and sneak in.

Some trouble with bushes as we go over the fence.

Go into the place, stun the guy (Shin), and log into his open connection to find he was chatting with some woman about another shipment of dodgy chips. he was apparently getting cold feet - even though they are holding his family and are 'bribing' him with their release.

Logged in as him we agree to another shipment, and use a trace program to find triangulate the woman's location (using the Beagle), and then Ivy control thoughts on him and we relocate him to a safe house.

Go into Redmond barrens and find the location.

Woman is in a house with a Jakuza guy. We burst in Halo stun batons the Jak and we argue with the woman and make her go with us. 3 other Jak come to investigate, 2 stay downstairs and one comnes in. HuWen punches the guy, and Ivy fire bolts him.

We take Sandra (the woman) and unconscious Jak to a safehouse and interrogate her.

We mind prrobe Jak and find out a storage area/sweatshop near docks where the chips are being made and is also where the Jaks bring in illegal immigrants to work for them.

We scout the target zone and come up with a plan. Halo will snipe to take out some guards while Ivy, Ned, and HuWen go through the sewers and try to get in the back which is protected by an old chain and padlock.

Rescue the immigrants, shoot a whole bunch of goons, and blow the place up with remote denotators.


Meet back up with The Travel Agent, we've completed the mmission to their satisfaction, and get paid, and told we can keep the tracking Beagle program.

+7K nuyen, +6 Karma, +1 Street Cred - each