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Character picture for HuWen
Real Name: HuWen
Human physical adept
Humble simple origins

Career Highlights
Put fist through two ganger's heads.


Aged bald monk with attitude.

Favoured Weaponry

  • Hands
  • Opponent's Strength



Humble monkish origins in the middle of backwards nowhere. Something happened, something so bad that either the horror of it caused him to forget, or the associated extreme violence he suffered during the process left him brain-damaged enough to wipe it from his mind. Then again, maybe it was chemical damage that caused him to forget and the physical damage was just for kicks. Either way it was more than just kicks that left him a bruised and battered wreck, unconscious and not found until several days later. At which time no-one would talk to him, no-one would explain why, but he was no longer welcome. The only 'favours' done for him were the one way ticket to Seattle and the letter of introduction to Tenzin Kundun.

Ran In

Career History

Total Karma 77
Current Karma
Street Cred
Public Awareness

Karma Spending Record (Total Karma Spent)

Karma Spent on... Amount


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