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Storming the Castle

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Storming the Castle

Shadowrun 6e 2080

2nd February 2080

In the 2020s, when Mount Rainer erupted it buried Puyallup in ash and lava. It was soon afterwards occupied by refugees from the newly established NAN. The majority is a wasteland of rusted factories, abandoned buildings, and squatter camps. Within is Hell's Kitchen, with it's lava fields and boiling geysers. It's residents grow up with the knowledge that any cut or scrape may result in an infection and therefore death, all the while hacking black phlegm. It is a place where sometimes it seems as every every 10 meters there is a new gang. Corporations have exploited the lawlessness to set up facilities with little or no regulation.



Part 1

Prologue The missing BLT Dealer

Scene 1 Old Chummers New Chummers

Scene 2 The Texan

Scene 3 The Safehouse and legwork

Scene 4 The Stuffer Shack

Scene 5 Remember Tacoma

Part 2

Scene 1 Klag comes to dinner

Scene 2 Doing the Legwork

Scene 3 The town meeting

Scene 4 Attack on the Church

Part 3

The Street Clinic

Hacking the Castle

Making the Plan

Part 4

Amazon Delivery

Storming the Castle


Cutting then down to size


Final Payment

  • 5,000 Nuyen/each Retainer
  • 5,000 Nuyen for Paydat on Castle and the Cutters
  • 10,000 Nuyen for torching the lab
  • 10,000 For obtaining a sample of the drug
  • 2,500 Fencable loot
  • Total 10,500 Nuyen per character

Cast of Characters

Part 1

Part 2

Cast of Shadows

Places of Interest


Karma and Rewards

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4