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Rhudra small.jpg
Divine Warrior - Karmic Assassin - Unforgiving Thug - Bringer of (Un)Welcome Release
Race: Elf
Archetype: Adept
Street Name: Rhudra. Bio: Elf; Adept; Former officer for regional security corp. Branched out of legal security into enforcement and wetwork. Left to explore other interests.


He was born in Nepal into the leader/warrior social class. As an elf born to human parents he was a bit of an oddity, but rather than being seen as unusual and inferior it was considered a blessing, a sign of an important soul having been reincarnated further along the cycle of rebirth and closer to oneness with god.

The predominant belief in the region and of his family was Hinduism. Therefore he was raised both culturally and religiously as Hindu. Perhaps due to the common perception that he possessed a higher level soul he was significantly devout than most he was raised with. He was strongly affected by teachings of Dharmic righteousness and Karma which initially manifested in a gentle and balanced approach to all life around him.

His family had his life well planned, he was guided into martial arts training, then regional corp security. His family intended him to serve a boring term in security to then return and rejoin the family in a minor regional leadership role.

Not everything went fully according to plan. As his magic manifested he saw it as a sign of divine endowment and a validation of his strong moral code and eventually of his slightly twisted interpretation of it.

When serving in the corp security forces he saw what life was like outside of his privileged bubble. He could have taken pity, and perhaps would have in any other setting. But his exposure to the real world was through the lens of corp security who took a hardline approach to everything.

The only way this made sense was that those without, deserved it. Those that suffered, were doing penance for a bad former life and were earning karma for the next. If this was the life they deserved due to failings in a past life, then it was only right he help them endure the necessary hardships, and in some cases facilitate moving on to their next incarnation.

His readiness to roughly treat and 'put down' those that got in his way was soon noticed, but rather than get him into trouble it came to the attention of those who decided to take advantage. It wasn't long before he was operating to the wishes of others outside of his regular security duties. Soon he was, enforcing, collecting debts, and eventually permanently removing problems all at the behest of regional organised crime.

He was still young and naive, but he grew up fast and realised he wasn't working for the most moral of people. This was a crossroads where he had the opportunity to reflect on his behaviour and make new choices.

He left their service in a way that they could not refuse.

His direct superiors received the treatment he knew they deserved.

But he was too arrogant to reflect on his behaviour, instead believing the change that was needed was self-direction, using his own judgement on what others deserved. So he worked for his own purposes, serving no master but the divine. The results were the same, though significantly less lucrative. There may have been some initial purity of intention as he sought to provide karmic balance by ‘punishing’ those he deemed deserving. The humble lifestyle allowing him to convince himself that he was righteous. The arrogance was still there. He was carrying out the duty of the divine and deserved to be treated accordingly.

So it was not much of a leap to hire himself out and be paid for his work. It wasn't difficult to convince himself both that he had some control of selecting his targets and that they deserved it.

Over the next few years his morality crystallised. He could categorise most people.

There are those who are bad and need to suffer more for the sake of their soul. They are not allowed release from the torment of their life.

There are those who may have led a bad life but have suffered enough and deserve it to be ended, to reset them into a new life with a better path.

There are those leading an honest good life, their souls will welcome the opportunity to be reborn into their next and higher level life.

And rarely there are those who have reached the highest level, have led the purest and most divine of lives. It is a blessing to be able to guide them out of this life, out of the cycle completely, to become one with god.

In reality, this meant he could just about justify anything to anyone, though mostly to himself.

Favoured Weaponry

  • Bow
  • 2-handed sword



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