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Height: 5'10

Body: Slim

Hair: Long, brunette

Eyes: Brown


Street Name: Nogitsune

Actual Name: Yu Asano

Race: Elf^

Age: Suspected to be in her 20s^

Classification: Adept; Protégé of renown if mysterious runner Onikuma

Ethnicity: Mixed race North American/Japanese

Assessment: Has access to an extensive contact network including within MegaCorps and the Yakuza, as well as more locally within the Seattle Community. Formerly part of an ill-fated group of runners. Has operated as a freelancer since then, often supporting groups as a 'consultant' for individual runs. Seeks to support her mentor, but lacks experience making her an ill-fit for the type of high risk/reward prime runs he is known to be involved with. Her skillset is in infiltration, impersonation, espionage and negotiation. She is also a competent markswoman and knowledgeable in Security Systems. Nogitsune is a budding professional 'consultant' who appeared on the Seattle scene less than two years ago; a young woman^ who initiated very recently with adept powers focused on social situations primarily in person. Follows the Dragonslayer as her mentor spirit; while money oriented, Nogitsune keeps her promises when given.

^She has an impressive copycat ability; able to change height, appearance (including hair, skin and eye colour, as well as apparent age) and voice. Apparently she can even change her metatype and gender; anything except trolls or extremely divergent beings. Nogitsune's actual appearance is therefore unknown.

Short and sweet: Professional Face - Infiltration & Impersonation Specialist - Evil Shapeshifting Fox - Could be anyone


Body 2
Agility 6
Reaction 5 (6)
Strength 1
Willpower 3
Logic 2
Intuition 5
Charisma 9
Essence 6
Magic/Resonnance 6
Edge 5
Defence Rating
Initiative Dice 2
Initiative 11
Actions (Major) 1
Actions Minor 2
Condition Monitor (Physical)
Condition Monitor (Stun)


Skill Rating Attribute Bonuses Dice Pool Specialisation Expertise
Influence 5 9 14 Negotiation
Con 5 9 14 Impersonation
Firearms 6 6 12
Perception 3 5 8
Stealth 5 6 3 14 Sneaking
Electronics 1 2 3
Athletics 0 6
Close Combat 0 6
Piloting 0 6
Outdoors 0 5
Engineering 0 2

Knowledge Skills

Security Systems


English (N)

Japanese (N)

Sperethiel (S)


Quality Cost/Rating Notes
Exceptional Attribute (Charisma) 12 Maximum possible Charisma is increased by 1
Bilingual 5 Japanese
Good looking and knows it 4 Adds +2 edge on Interaction tests with the opposite sex or +1 edge with the same sex
Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer) 10 Edge Boosts cost 1 less for Influence tests. If you break a promise, whether by choice or by accident, you take a –1 dice pool modifier to all actions until you make good on your promise. Free Danger sense power.
SINner -8 Owns a genuine SIN. Point of Edge for enemies using Trade Icon action on me. 10% increase to any lifestyle costs associated with this SIN.
Impaired (Strength) x4 -32 Maximum Strength rating is 4 less (2 max) - Nogitsune is not at all strong; she had a muscle weakening condition as an infant


Weapon Type DV Mode AR(Close) AR(Near) AR (Medium) AR (Far) AR (Extreme) Ammo Dice Pool Notes and Accessories
Unarmed Melee 2S NA S+A - - - -




Gear Rating Notes


CommLink/ Cyberdeck/RCC

Model Rating Attack Sleaze Data Firewall Max Slaves Initiative (Cold) ) AR DR Notes and Accessories
- - - -


Accessories Rating Notes


Programs Rating Notes


  • Tradition: N/A
  • Mentor: Dragonslayer
  • Advantages: Edge Boosts cost 1 less for Influence tests. Free Danger sense power.
  • Disadvantages: If you break a promise, whether by choice or by accident, you take a –1 dice pool modifier to all actions until you make good on your promise

Spells and Rituals



Foci Rating Notes


MetaMagic Rating Notes

Power Points/Phyical Adepts

Power Cost Notes
Vocal Control 0.5 You can control the pitch and modulation of your voice to make it sound the way you want— loud, quiet, resonant, or like some person you want to imitate. Gain Edge when attempting a Con or Influence test that somehow involves your voice. Only one point of Edge may be earned per encounter with this power.
Traceless Walk 0.5 You don’t disturb the dust, dirt, snow, water, or anything else under your feet as you move, so there is no evidence of your passing. You don’t trigger tripwires, pressure pads, or other traps based on leg movement. Hearing tests to listen for your passage and Outdoors tests to perceive your tracks cannot gain or spend Edge.
Improved Ability 3 (Stealth) 1.5 Gain 3 points of Stealth Skill.
Enhanced Accuracy 0.5 Weapons are more accurate and deadly in your hands than in those of normal people. Increase the Attack Rating of any weapon you wield by 2.
Combat Sense 0.5 This power gives you the ability to anticipate and avoid harm. Gain a +1 dice pool bonus per level on any defensive tests. You always have a chance to make a Perception test to avoid surprise.
Danger Sense Free You have a sixth sense for danger, instinctively knowing when it’s nearby and preparing for it. Gain an Edge before making Surprise tests.
Improved Sense (hearing) 0.25 When making a test involving hearing, you get a bonus Edge, but only if you use it (either alone or in combination with other Edge points) on that test.
Improved Reflexes 1 1 This power gives you quick reflexes and anticipation, allowing you to act and react much faster than the normies. For each level of this power, add an Initiative Die and increase your Reaction by 1.
Body Sculpt 1 Bloody Business (Page 160) SR5:BB -> A further advancement of the Facial Sculpt power, Body Sculpt allows the adept to magically shape his or her full body within limits. While the total body mass does not change dramatically, the body (skeletal bone and muscles) can be elongated, shrunken or otherwise altered to appear like another metatype or a metavariant of its own or target race as long as the change and the difference is not too radical (e.g. wakyambi, nartaki, cyclops). The mass of the adept using this power can change by ten percent at most. Due to the mass difference between rolls and other metahumans, the power does not allow trolls to change into any other metaspecies (and vice versa), only into variants of their own metatype (fomori, minotaur, giant). One of the perks of this power is that it allows the adept to magically age/rejuvenate (in appearance if not in health and energy) and switch phenotypic gender (from male to female and vice versa) by growing or shrinking of primary and secondary sexual organs. All of the effects can be sustains for (Magic) hours. The use of this power gives the adept an additional +2 dice pool modifier for any disguise test. Unlike Facial Sculpt, this power does not come with multiple levels; the +2 bonus is the most that can be gained from the power.

Multiple features can be changed simultaneously with a body+magic test, with each hit resulting in one additional change. The adept needs another full minute to undo the changes and return their features to normal. The time required to change one feature is approximately ten minutes. The adept needs another full minute to undo the changes and return their features to normal. The power does not allow the adept to mimic and express any changeling metagenetic traits. All of their attributes, skills, and powers remain unchanged; only their physical appearance is altered. Activation takes one minute.

Facial Sculpt 0.25 SR5:SG

This power allows an adept to change his appearance by shifting the muscles, bone structure, and cartilage in his face. Each level purchased gives the adept a +1 dice pool modifier for Disguise Tests. The effect can be sustained for (Magic) hours. Common changes include altering ear shape, changing nose shape, raising/lowering cheekbones, growing tusks, reshaping the forehead, lengthening/shortening facial hair, and so on. Adepts can even change their face to another metatype of they wish, but they can’t change their body shape. The time required to change one feature is approximately one minute. Multiple features can be changed simultaneously with a Body + Magic Test, with each hit resulting in one additional change. The adept needs another full minute to undo the changes and return their features to normal.

Keratin Control 0.5 SR5:SG

The adept has the ability to accelerate their hair, nail, and horn growth within the limits of the adept’s metatype. The adept can go from short, professional appearance to street chic in a matter of hours. The power also allows any hair grown to be straight or curly at the adept’s discretion. Full beards and long hair normally take six hours to grow, but the growth can be accelerated at the cost of one unresisted box of Stun Damage per hour reduction in growth time.

Melanin Control 0.5 SR5:SG

This power allows the adept to change the color of his skin and/or hair to that of another ethnicity/metatype, limited to the colors normally found in metahuman genetic expressions. The shift costs a Complex Action and lasts for (Magic) hours.



Model Hand ACC Speed Intervall Top Speed Body Armour Pilot Sensor) Hard Points Initiative Condition Monitor Dice Pool


Weapon Type DV Mode AR(Close) AR(Near) AR (Medium) AR (Far) AR (Extreme) Ammo Dice Pool Notes and Accessories
Unarmed Melee 2S NA S+A - - - -

Accessories and Programs

Accessory/Programs Rating Notes


Level Months Notes
Medium 1 Tied to Yu Asano. Positive Features: Helpful Roommate (Ami Fujimura-Miller), Snappy Dresser, Good Value Level 3. Negative Features: High background count, Outdated Host


Fake ID/ Licence Rating Notes
Fake SIN 5 Yu Asano - Seattle Resident
Real SIN Real Ashryn Yelrieth - Tir Tairngire
Concealed Carry 5 Linked to Yu Asano
Gun Licence (pistols) 5 Linked to Yu Asano
Gun Licence (rifles) 5 Linked to Yu Asano


Name Loyalty Connection Notes Contact Abilities
Daniel Waterton 2 5 Seattle Journalist. Put into contact with Yu by Onikuma. Constantly looking for big scoops. Will not hesitate to sell out information. Often found online. A mediocre decker" Well Connected, Knowledge (Hacking), Good Value, Decker. Sell Out
Onikuma ('Demon Bear') 5 5 Professional 'troubleshooter' (Sensei). Trained Yu and initiated her. Acts as her mentor. Is a well regarded physical adept prime runner Prime Runner x2, Good Credit, Knowledge (Shadowrunners). Limited Availability
Kazumi Watanabe 1 4 Yakuza Gang Leader (Kenran-Kai). Shared contact for Yu and Onikuma. Sometimes has jobs for runners. Known to be a good forger" Security, Good Value, Knowledge (Streets), Forger, Shop (IDs). Loyalty (Yakuza), Enemy
Luna 2 3 Shapeshifter (Wolf) Mystic Adept Shaman. Owns a small magic shop. Hates Corporations with a passion. Good at enchantments and melee combat" Knowledge (Magic), Shop (foci), Acquire (Foci), Awakened. Prejudiced (Corporate types)
Filverel 'Phil' Thigeiros 1 3 Tir Tairngire Exiled Noble. Forced out of Tir Tairngire, this exile nobleman now leads a smuggling operation. Knows Sperethiel and English fluently Knowledge (Tir Tairngire), Smuggler, Transport, Shop (vehicles), Safehouse. GM Surprise!
Ami Fujimura-Miller 3 3 Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Corporate Secretary. Met Yu at a social event. Became friendly due to similar ancestry and issues being a 'half'. Works as a senior secretary for Shiawase on weekdays, sometimes on weekends . Helpful Roommate (+2 Loyalty) Knowledge (Corporations), Position (Shiawase), Knowledge (Politics), Knowledge (Finance). SINner
Jon McKenna 1 9 Evo Executive. Yu somehow has this executive's email and, sometimes, they even respond… for a price. With enough contact they might have some juicy runs. Perhaps Knowledge (Corporations), Knowledge (Technology), Position (Evo), Security. SINner
Koshojin 3 6 Fixer. Prominent Seattle Fixer. Very well connected and seems to never sleep. Is capable of getting hold of most firearms 24/7, Acquire (Firearms), Well Connected

Character Log

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