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Kyle Leffler

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Kyle Leffler
Non Player Character
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AKA: None
Metatype: Human Mage
Gender: Male
Status: Active
Affiliation: Unknown
Archetype: Wage Mage
Created by: Stuart
First seen in: Unknown
Last seen in: Unknown

Human, Male, Initiate Hermetic Magician Current Location: New Orleans

Former corporate Wage Mage, Kyle is a high level initiate and an expert in mind control and alteration. His past however is still shrouded in mystery. After leaving set up a commune/cult for the magically active which continued untill one of its members attempted to take over the commune and use the commune members in a blood ritual. This however was stopped by Myst, Maclaine and co. Having seen what the dark side was like Kyle is now a reclusive soul, popping up ever so often in New Orleans to help a poor unfortunate. Kyle has on many occasions attempted to get Myst to join him in the commune but has so far failed. Kyle's other passtimes include brainwashing and mind controlling Maclaine.