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This is my list of characters, there have been a few of them. The most surprising thing is that they are all still alive (sort of). And most of them have their memories. Although thankfuly it seems like the Evil GM has a new subject to unleash the unspeakable ideas that spring from his evil, twisted mind.

A word of warning, if the GM gives you any flaws in game, make sure you get the points or qualities before he forgets!

Richard has played the following characters:


NAME RACE ARCHETYPE STATUS KARMA Notoriety Street Cred Public Awareness

Eclipse Human Face ALIVE 122
- - -
Halo Human Sniper ALIVE 7 - 7 -



Whisper Elf Street Samurai RETIRED

Michael Knight Human Rigger ALIVE

Myst Human Physical Adept RETIRED
* Shade Human Decker ALIVE
* Wraith Elf - Night One Hermetic Mage ALIVE

* Currently in character tree

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