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May 2062

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In the Shadows May 2062

By Hound

Goodbye to the Comet

So it’s good by to the comet. At the end of this month Haleys Comet will finally pass out of view from the Earth by the naked eye. The UCAS National Institute Of Health has reported an ten fold increase in the rates of SURGE so far this month, adding further evidence to the fact the comet has caused this phenomenon. As for the probe race well as we all know the first leg was a non starter. The only probe to get close to Haleys Comet on its first pass was the Yamatestu Corporation probe Gagarin just before it was due to get the first images. Now on the return pass of the comet only two corporations have managed to get probes launched on time. The favourite is Ares Space who have launched two probes Velox I and Velox II, a distant second is the joint venture of Aztechnology, Shabita and Federated Bowing, the Kepler probe.

Great Fire of Redmond

Fire has ravaged through 4 blocks the Kingsgate area of Redmond. Although the devastation to this area was extensive the casualties from the fire been estimated at only three individuals, and elderly couple and a sewer contract worker. The prompt reaction of many residents and the time of the fire meant the casualties where quiet limited. Gallant Fire Services (a subsidiary of the Shiawase Corporation) have been heavily criticized for their delayed arrival on the scene. The first fire trucks did not arrive until 20 minutes after the first 911 call, by which time all they could do is watch as the blaze engulfed over 10 apartment blocks. The former governor and governor electoral candidate Marilyn Schultz in a recent interview launched a scathing attack on governor Ivor J Lindstrom claiming that he has failed to provide adequate service to ensure the safety of the citizens of Seattle. The cause of the fire is still unknown but has been traced to the basement of the Woodhawk Place apartment block.

Dragons In the Sky

The Great Dragon Ryumyo was sighted over the Sur Coast in California Free State early this month, in what appears to be a pitched battle between Imperial Japanese helicopter gunships and forces loyal to General Jeiji Saito. Reports form fisherman and local citizens of the area indicate a small group of Imperial Japanese helicopter gunships and transport helicopters flew into California Free State from the Pacific set down for a short time and then where attacks by another group of gunships from the south. As the Imperial J apanese gunships moved back out to sea the Great Dragon Ryomyo appeared and in a flashy display of aerobatics, magic and fiery breath quickly dispacted the persuing forces of General Saito. Japanese government analysts have reported this is a clear indication of Ryumyo's support for the new Japanese Emperor and his opposition to General Saitos occupation of the California Free State.

Dragons in the Spotlight

On the subject of great dragons, Hestaby made a rare public appearance at the opening ceremony of the Dunkelzahn Institute Of Magical Disease Research a newly formed subsidiary of the Dunkelzahn Institute Of Magical Research. Hestaby gave a short speech about how it was important to try and reintegrate the sufferers of disease such as HMHVV back into society and the presented the DIMDR with a small block of Orichalcum estimated to be worth at least a million Nuyen. Hestaby also confirmed to eager reported that she was currently in negotiations with legendary reporter Holly Brighton to take over Dunkelzahns famous chat show Wyrm Talk.