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Jeiji Saito

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Jeiji Saito
Non Player Character
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AKA: None
Metatype: Human
Gender: Male
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Archetype: Unknown
Created by: Unknown
First seen in: Unknown
Last seen in: Unknown

Former Colonel commanding the 14th division of Imperial Marines that where occuring the San Francisco Bay Area.

After the eruption of the Ring Of Fire in October 2061 the Japanese Emperor ordered the recall of all Imperial Marines back to Japan to help with the relief and rebuilding effort.

Colonel Saito Refused. He removed General Kawanage who was in command of the 14th and 15th Imperial Marine divisions and declared the San Francisco Bay Area a protectorate of the Japanese Empire.

He also gave himself a promotion to the title of Protectorate General.

Since his military coup, Saito has begun to initiate policies to further segregate Metahumans from humans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Japanese Emperor has declared Saito a traitor to the empire, but finds himself in a no position to do anything about Saito due to the work required to rebuild Japan

Source Book references:

Year Of The Comet pg. 106-114 'California Uber Alles' Threats 2 pg. 6-14 'General Saito'