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Nadja Daviar

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Female, Elf, Mundane.

UCAS Vice President (2057- ) Former voice for Dunkelzahn before his death. CEO Draco Foundation CEO Gavilan Ventures

Detailed History By Cobolt Blue

Daviar hails from Eastern Europe - Estonia, to be precise. Record-keeping in that part of the world is spotty, to say the least, and anyone who knows their modern history can understand why. With the Euro-Wars following right on the heels of the Crash of '29, most useful records from the past twenty to fifty yours got blown to cyber-oblivion. So I couldn't find much in the way of definitive, independent sources to cross-check; I wish my fellow datasnoops better luck, that's all I can say. According to the information in Dunkelzahn's own press kits and public information servers, Ms. Daviar was born in 2014 during one of the first wave of UGE in Europe. Her parents got killed in a riot when she was only eight years old, and she was taken into an orphanage along with hundreds of other poor orphans of the time.She lived there until she was a teenager, at which point the info trail gets muddy.

The next five years of Daviar's life are almost completely blank, from the time she left the orphanage at sixteen to when she resurfaced in Prague in 2035 at the age of 21. By that time she had apparently come far in the world - she ahd her own plush apartment and a fair amount of money at her disposal. The source of that money remains unknown. All my efforts to track it down led to dead ends, which suggests that the cred was well-laundered through a series of financial changes and Matrix-juggling would require the skilsl of a capable decker.

Daviar developed a reputation as a socialite and patron of the arts throughout Europe, especially in Budapest, Paris and Barcelona, which became her favorite haunts. She was charming, witty, well-versed in modern art and culture, but above all a true woman of mystery. Several smitten suitors attempted to win her affection, but she never became deeply involved with anyone despite acquiring a number of very expensive gifts from would be paramours.

The first publicly known meeting between Nadja Daviar and Dunkelzahn took place in Paris in 2039, where the dragon was attending an exhibit devoted to the renowned French artist Adam Aloné. Dunkelzahn had financed much of the artist's early work, and Aloné considered the wyrm a friend and "true patron of the arts." Dunkelzahn attended the soiree in human form and apparently was quite taken with Daviar. The French fax-rags had a field day with the possibility of the dragon becoming romantically involved with "Mademoiselle Mysterie," and photos of the two of them talking at the reception in front of Aloné's massive "Reign of Terror" painting were plastered across screens from Europe to California.

According to some gap-filled records I managed to pry of the Paris RTG, Daviar and Dunkelzahn communicated at least fie times in the following ten days. Just two weeks after their first meeting, Dunkelzahn's media agent issued a press release saying that Daviar would be the dragon's new translator as well as "voice" for his semi-annual trideo show "Wyrm Talk." Daviar moved to Dunkelzahn's Lake Loise compound and made herself right at home. According to several former staff members at the resort, in no time at all it seemed like Daviar had been at the dragon's side for years.

In addition to operating as Dunkelzahn's translator for the trideo cameras and other electronic devices, Daviar was the Dragon's personal assistant and confidential secretary, a sort of Girl Frieday who handled all of Dunkelzahn's numerous media appearances and other business activities. That made her second only to the "Big D" himself in the dragon's person fiefdom, and allegedly earned Daviar no love from Dunkelzahn's previous translator or his friend and media rep, Holly Brighton.

In the eighteen years that she worked for Dunkelzahn, Daviar made herself indispensable. She was the dragon's almost constant companion for every public appearance, interview, trideo program and day-to-day business meeting. All the dragon's other employees learned to treat Daviar's word like it came from the wyrm himself. She ran Dunkelzahn's affairs with a crisp efficiency that could have gotten her hired as personal assistant to any megacorporate executive in the world.

Not surprisingly, Dunkelzahn appointed Daviar as his campaign manager for the '57 election and she played a big part in winning her boss the Big Prize. She managed the presidential campaign with the same efficiency and zeal she brought to every other part of Dunkelzahn's business. The campaign's insightful, brilliantly targeted media ads and trideo programs really struck at the heart of the cynicism peedled by the other candidates. Daviar sold the people of the UCAS on the idea that the dragon's election would bring about an age of growth and prosperity, and strength for the entire country...something that folks sick and tired of seeing their country get pushed around just couldn't resist.

IN the wake of her mentor's assassination, Nadja Daviar finds herself the Vice President-apparent of the UCAS and heir to one of the largest fortunes in the world. It will be interesting to see what this insightful, capable lady of mystery will do next.