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January 2080

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In the Shadows January 2080 Edition

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Happy new year and welcome to 2080!

New Years Hack

Unknown persons hacked the bulletin boards in Seattle Plaza as the screens counted down to the new year. For a hort time the count down was replaced by undecipherable code. Lone Star sources have blamed Neo-Anarchanists for the disruption. GOD has made no comment. 1st January 2080

>It's Deus and his Otaku back again!

>Wow! Overboard conspiracy theory alert! I hear there is a new Neo-Arachist gang of Technomancers out there. >Pic

>Deus will rise again <<150 MP Deleted>> >User Deleted

>Chummer, that isn't even funny. Any more of that drek from anyone and the ban hammer will come down on you (and I might even add some Biofeedback!) >Glitch

Cruise in Distress

The Pride of Seattle on route to Tokyo unexpectly turned around and returned to port aften a technical fault led to a small fire on board. After a few days it set off again back to Tokyo.

>Small fire? Drek. There was a run on the Pride. The team doing it got hosed down by the security and no ones heard from them since. I lost a good chummer. Raise a toast people another runner pushing up daisies.

>I bet this has something to do with the Golden Dragon Triad. Nothing happens in the docks without them knowing about it since they ousted the Yakuza Shotozumi-rengo from the docks.

>It's strange how the Golden Dragon Triad got the sudden upperhand in that turf war. They knew excty where to hit the Yaks.

>Those were some sweet runs.

Terminator Dominance

The next installment of Samantha Camerons epic trid Terminator Dominance (remakes of her own grandfathers films), contnues to film on location in Seattle. In this latest chapter, Reece Connors (Kyle Baldwin) an Orc Physics Adept travels back in time from a future where an AI has taken over humanity and placed them in an artificial reality called the Matrix. Reece must find his own mother Samantha Connors (Played by leading Orcs Rights activist Amanda Burton) who is trapped with thousands of people in the Cyberdyne Arcology as the AI reprograms their brains.

>No man. This is Drek. Don't spoil the original trilogy

>What original trilogy, there are like 14 of those fragging films

>But only three where real Cameron films!

>This sounds very familiar. I wonder if the have anyone on the creative team who got out of the Renraku Arcology?

>How dare these children undermine the great... <3.2 MP Deleted>
>User Deleted

>I've told you guys this kind of drek is juts not funny.