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December 2079

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In the Shadows 2079 Edition

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Breaking News: Explosion at Ares Tower in Detroit

Explosions destroy several floors of the Ares Macrotechnology HQ building in downtown Detroit during an emergency board meeting called by Arthur Vogel. An initial death toll of fifty seven is reported, however some are listed as “missing” pending confirmation. Among those listed as missing are several members of the Ares board of directors, most prominently Mr. Vogel himself. Former CEO Damien Knight takes full and complete control of the corporation, under emergency powers, until new board members can be selected. 10th December 2079

>I'll get my CV ready


>Well isn't that handy. The whole board of directors goes up in smoke, and Damien Knight is not there! Then he take control of the whole board....


>Rumour on the Streets is the renegade Fire Watch team (the one led by Colonel Anne Ravenheart) that defected from Ares is behind this.


>There is a lot of wetwork about hunting down those rogue Fire Watch agents.

>Colonel Anne Ravenheart is a god damn hero. I servered with he clearing Chicago. If she's gone rogue she's got a damn good frakking reason!


>Damien's been out of control since his conscions Roger Soaring Owl walked out on Ares. No one has seen him since!


Gang Watch

Seems the new years revels have gotten a bit spicy. A local gang war broke out on the interstate resulting in a van taking a missile to the face. Lone Star are investigating