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February 2063

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In The Shadows February 2063

Surgeons Reign of Terror Ends

Over the past two months Seattle has seen a series of assaults and kidnappings by a man nicknamed The Surgeon (why The Surgeon well read on...). No new news there (happens every day) you might say except every person kidnapped was returned, an my point is? Well although they were returned several of their non-vital organs were removed! Well what do I mean by non-vital organs, well we're talking Eyes, Kidneys, Hands, basically if you can survive with out one its non vital. These attack took place at a rate of almost one per week since mid January 2063. But the last attack was mysteriously foiled.

Lone star arrived after receiving a 911 call, but when no one was on the other end they tracked the phone. They found it was a mobile and triangulated it back to a ware house in Renton. There they found one Hillary Jacobs strapped to a table and prepped for surgery, and around her they found a cadre of dead goons, all shot by a mixture of explosive and normal rounds, and generally turned to cat food (One corpse was even found under an exploded fake ambulance). ID Traces of the goons have revealed that one off the goons was a suspected Mafia Made Man associated with the Biogio Family (although this seems strangely out of character for Maurice Bigio) and one was apparently a member of the New Orleans crime syndicate known as the Zobop, who have been implicated in organ legging and linked to the infamous Tanamous ring.

Acording to Hillary Jacobs (A single mother with a son Ben) account she was shopping in a Renton Supper Shopper when she had a terible pain in her head and collapsed. She next woke up surrounded by the police in the warehouse. After further questioning police discovered she had been stalked by a man claiming to be from two doors down in her appartment complex. "He seemed so nice, he just wanted to borrow a couple of cups" later said Hillary. Apparently the man had approached her claiming to be new to the building and claimed to be a single father of a six year old. Hillary Jacobs provided a description of the man (with the aid of a mind probe) and Lone Star are now searching for him (his body was not one of the goons at the scene). The Star may have even contracted a couple of bounty hunters (or even shadowrunners) as well.

Although the threat of The Surgeon seems to be at an end, has the mastermind of this plot been captured or is he the mysterious man who want to borrow a couple of cups (and maybe a kidney).