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January 2063

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In The Shadows January 2063

Well I'm glad I mad it out of Tarislar in one piece, but if you have a few rounds of ammo to spare and want a challenge then those Knights could do with all the help they can get.

Friends Or Fiends of Humanity

Well I've covered these characters before but it seems our good friends, the Freinds Of Humanity are up to their old tricks. Attacks of a racial intent have escalated recently especially against meta human go gangs. It seems that the FOH are providing arms and intelligence to human gangs with a humanis agenda to give them the upper hand in the gang turf wars. Although the Mothers Of Metahumans deny any involvement they are being forced into taking the side of metahuman gangs to even the score, a situation which leaves many member of MOM with a bad taste in their mouth, but as the saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Wanatabee go big

In a series of aggressive takeovers the small company know as Wanatabee Matrix Services Seattle is hitting the big time. This change in tactics has fuelled speculation of a major shift in power in the boardroom on WMSS. Rumours are that major shareholder Satoshi Nakamura has managed to take the position of CEO from Ken Wanatabee son of John Wanatabee CEO of WMS in Japan. With enough assets now to go it alone the next big step will be for WMSS to split with its parent company and apply for megacorp status, but will John Wanatabee let them go with out a fight?

Gas Up

With supplys of oil and gas falling across the world, the need to find new source is now more desperate than ever. One new project to come online next year is a series of ultra deep drilling rigs of the west coast of America. These state of the art rigs are able to get to reserve previously unobtainable. Many believe that this venture is doomed due to its huge overheads, and others believe that if this new supply of gas and oil comes online it will cause a major price war between more traditional oil companies and Proteus the megacorp upstart which funded this operation. Severe criticism from some in the NAN government and environmental groups has been levelled against Proteus in the construction and planned operation of these rigs, but if Proteus can pull it off they will be able to rival Saeder Krupp for the supply of Oil and Gas to the West Coast.