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Played by Skimble

Deuce was a Mage who used to make his living gambling at various casinos before the staff got wise to the use of Magic Fingers (another spell that would become a staple of my Mage characters) and had to become a Shadow Runner.

As far as his personality was concerned, he was fairly generic - a bit weasely and cowardly, perhaps.

Deuce died after an unfortunate incident in which he killed a reporter who'd been travelling with the group with an area effect spell - he thought she was already dead. The group liked the reporter more than him, and one of them Backup tried to hurl him out of the 'plane on the way back - after he'd healed the group, of course. Luckily, he was saved by Jinx.

Shortly afterwards, he received a call from his Buddy, a magic shop owner, asking him to come as soon as possible. Being a good friend, Deuce went as fast as possible. When he got there, he was blown up in a mahoosive explosion that was set up by Mr Smith - a psychopathic troll.